I was one surprised grandma today

Miss G and I had a lovely day, until…she bit me.

As far as I know this isn’t something that is common. I have never had the privilege of encountering her very sharp, very powerful teeth before, except when she was very young and bit down with her new front teeth while I was feeding her something and didn’t move my fingers back fast enough.

That was entirely accidental.

The bite today was entirely NOT accidental.

We were playing. I was helping her to jump off the bed. After doing the routine a few times she wanted to turn in circles with me. I can usually make it around a few times, but then I start getting dizzy fast so I have this habit of letting her wind herself around me as far as our arms will go, then she unwinds and wraps around the other way. She still gets to swing back and forth, but I can stand still in one place and avoid the pesky vertigo.

Before I really realized what was happening Miss G had swung to my right, spun and swung way around to my left so that my arms were completely turned across and around my body, and then I felt this pain; sharp increasing pain, on my right hip. I actually thought that I was being stung by something in the first moment or two. Then as the pressure increased, it dawned on me that G was directly behind me, not moving, and it was her teeth causing the pain.

I swear it felt like this


I remember yelling OUCH, STOP, G let go, stop biting me! She moved back away from me. I turned toward her, holding my hip, and remember saying rather loudly, “What are you doing? Why were you biting grandma? That really hurt me. Why would you do that?”

She just stood there, almost as if she couldn’t believe what she had done herself, and had no explanation for it either. I sent her into her room and let her set there for a time then made her come sit with me. We had quite a discussion, she apologized, but I never did get any answer as to why she would suddenly and with no apparent reason bite me. I won’t be surprised if I look in the mirror tomorrow and see a bruise.



7 thoughts on “I was one surprised grandma today”

  1. My oldest, Zani, had a biting addiction that began at the tender age of 9 months. It took over 2 years to get her to stop. She never bit me, only other kids, and she even tried it out on the family dog. It finally stopped when I bit her (kinda hard, I was desperate) to show her how it felt.

    Pebbles bit once…and it was me! She was about 2 years old. We were laying on the floor playing and she put her mouth on my arm and sunk her teeth in as deep as possible! It was crazy painful! I reacted without thinking and immediately bit her back. After she *finally* stopped wailing and I gave her lots of cuddles and explained a bit she never did it again. To anyone. Not even the dog.

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  2. Acttually, it’s quite common for toddlers to bite. Too much excitement and stimulus can trigger this reaction…much the same as animals do to each other while playing. There was probably no forethought or ill will toward you when it happened…it just happened. When toddlers get excited, frustrated or stimulated they may experience a need for oral stimulation without any thought process. Deb, you handled it well! Gigi needs to understand that negative actions have consequences. She had no words to express why she did I it because she acted on an instinct without any thought involved and honestly doesn’t know why. Talking with her about the situation should help her understand to use words to express her feelings in lieu of biting. Better she learned this lesson with you, someone she loves and feels safe with, than another child or baby.

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  3. I remember being maybe 9 or 10 and trying out a curse word on my mother at the mall. She was complaining about there never being any good clothes in her size. I responded with, “You can’t find anything because you are just an old a$$.” Now, I knew it was wrong in this vague sort of way but I still wanted to see how it felt to do it. The result was not that enjoyable (not even a little bit) and I never did it again. My mother demanded over and over again to know why I had said it but I was afraid to admit that in reality I just wanted to try it out. Maybe this was her thing, too?


    1. Would a 2 1/2 year old have the ability to reason this sort of thing out ya think, especially in the middle of playing and having fun…”Oh what the heck, let’s see what it’s like to bite grandma in the ass…” It was so out of character for her. She’s yelled at me in anger before which actually fit the situation, but this today…I am baffled 🙂

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      1. 2 1/2 year olds are exploring, testing their boundaries. I could totally see her little mind wondering how chewy your backside would be. And if she has not really done it before and not really been bit by someone else before, she has no frame of reference for how hard to bite and the pain associated with it. Her food doesn’t yelp in pain at the biting. Why should you? Just a thought. Bottom line, don’t take it personal. You sent the clear message it was wrong. That is probably all she will need to not do it again.


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