Blog Share #11

I’ve been neglectful about blog sharing, but in my defense I have been doing some…readjustments…in the blogs that I read regularly, the blogs that I followed more as a courtesy, and then those blogs that post so very randomly that I forget about them until a strange name pops up alerting me to a new post. At that point, it often seems like whatever attracted me to the blog originally has either changed, or I admit I just wasn’t that interested to begin with.

I’ve decided that I’m a bit of a blog snob. It takes a lot, and I can’t often express what that ‘a lot’ thing is, to pull me into a blog and more importantly, make me want to continue to read. I am also fickle, and because I’m searching for something to round out my life, to smack me in the head and open my eyes to…happiness, the future, the answer to why I’m here…I tend to be easily led from blog to blog but find little of substance that keeps me around. There are some great blogs out there, lots of them, but they aren’t what I’m searching for, which is -apparently- the answer to all my life problems.

However, on my always go to list is Behind the White Coat. Can you guess what this blog might be about? From Victo’s own introduction:

“I have been practicing for over ten years as a family practice physician. I started working on this blog as an outlet, a place for the honesty that I cannot indulge in elsewhere. Sometimes I have felt that I will explode with words…all of the words that I have had to leave unsaid. So here they are.”

“At this point I have no idea where my musings will go. My intent is to write and post at least once a day, covering topics ranging from motherhood, medicine, and life in general.”

Yes, we have a practicing physician who writes about life as a doctor, with all the funny/sad/scary/outrageous, and even disturbing encounters that define her professional life, but that physician is also a woman, with children and family, and issues, and a past, and a future, and opinions. I know that it’s a novel idea, but this blogger doctor is – HUMAN – and honest, about her life and medicine as it is today.

I enjoy reading her insights about the state of healthcare, and her stories about her practice. I respect her honesty on issues that aren’t always easy to discuss, or that have straightforward answers. I love that she gives opinions and critiques and isn’t afraid to speak out about both the ‘right’ and the ‘wrong’ in our system. Readers also get to see the other side. We get to experience what happens when the white coat comes off, when the career woman becomes the individual just trying to manage that daily life.

I hope that you’re curious. Check out this recent post, or this one, or maybe this one.

I think that the tagline behind the title of this blog, Behind the White Coat, says it all: Beats a real human heart…

Yes, it does.


3 thoughts on “Blog Share #11”

  1. I just came across her recently through you – maybe you sent her to a post of mine, or I just got curious about her gravatar in one of your posts, I forget – but I agree: a thought-provoking and interesting blog, and one which I’m very pleased you introduced me to.

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