Huff/Post50: Thanks for defining ‘older’ for me

I always run across articles on the Huffington Post that I like, and I’ve followed HuffPost Women for some time now, mostly because they post blogs and articles pertinent to gender and feminism. I often share those articles on the Facebook version of IATIW.

In a moment of wandering and exploration yesterday I decided to also take note of Huff/Post50 because, well I’m over 50. I also qualify now as older apparently.

I suppose that I never really think too much about age when I visit the articles on feminism and gender at HuffPost Women. They are significant to me because of my interests and beliefs, not because most of them focus on individuals who are in their 20s.

I can’t think about anything other than age when I visit Huff/Post50.

I was rather happy to run across this article yesterday, finding promise in the fact that this page designed for the over 50 crowd was also addressing feminism and current practice surrounding BDSM. Being over 50 doesn’t mean being none-sexual, so I thought, “Well yes, it’s not just the younger crowd who is posting about submission and bondage and 50 Shades in articles like this.

This morning though, Huff/Post50 greeted me with:

These Stunning Older Celebrities Ruled the Red Carpet... including photos of what they call ‘post-50’ (insert older) celebs like actors Steve Carell, age 52; Julianne Moore, age 54; and Melanie Griffith, age 57. Thus I am defined clearly as ‘older’ at 55. Thanks Huff Post for making this clear to me.

I also received some valuable information in articles that clearly define the way I spend my days in contemplation of my age:

Six Foods That Actually Relieve Gas …filed under ‘bloating.’

The Conversation I Had With My Younger Self …notably filed under ‘aging.’

The Top Retirement Fear of American Seniors …filed under ‘concerns,’

and just one more-

5 Ways to Make Yourself Irresistible To Your Partner– Again …filed under ‘relationships’ with the requisite sexy female leg suggestive of so many things that I could rant about, but won’t at this time.

I also can learn how a New Anti-Aging Chocolate May Make Skin Look 30 Years YoungerIt’s called…”Esthechoc.” Again, I cannot start a rant that may never cease if I begin now so all of you, please rant for me either silently, to those who matter to you, in the comments, or share your own posts on aging if you feel so inclined.

I have to get busy learning how to have enough money for retirement so that I can successfully appear 25 again and seduce my partner after some life-altering yoga workouts that may also work in combination with all those foods that are systematically reducing my flatulence problems. No one told be that being ‘older’ meant so much work.


14 thoughts on “Huff/Post50: Thanks for defining ‘older’ for me”

  1. I work for an organisation that represents ‘older’ people – never the old, cause people don’t like to be called that. I sometimes think, older than what? Aren’t we all older than someone? In a society where it’s good to be thought of as young, we don’t like to be labelled with anything suggestive of having been around a while.


    1. Label me old and I won’t freak out too much as many days I ‘feel’ somewhat ancient -like when I can’t get my knees working to get my body up off the floor after rolling around with the granddaughter- I mostly object to the ‘being told I’m not good enough, or just plain good anymore’ because I rolled past 50 a few years ago. 🙂


    1. I think the drag is being reminded that aging is synonymous with just as much stupid advice and discrimination as being a woman, or poor, or under educated…and on and on. I wish society would stop trying to ‘fix’ us and just let us be happy as we grow our wrinkles and sagging parts…I find the Japanese culture refreshing for the reverence they pay to their aging family members 🙂

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  2. This post made me giggle out loud. The articles that pertain to our “50 +” age group are all so appealing, aren’ t they? 🙂 Lovely images you got stuck in my head after reading about bloating but I have to admit the chocolate themed answer to aging has me clicking. Lovely blog you have and I hopped over from reading comments on Ce’s Press Publish post. Great to “meet” you today!

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    1. …resting bitch face…I wear that one all the time and can actually feel those lines she mentions between lip and nose holes growing bigger, and deeper 🙂


    1. Ahh Carol, you are so lucky that female cats don’t get this sort of crap shoved at them. I mean I know you have a bit more to worry about than just the occasional hairball, but how many articles are directed at you about improving your need to stop farting, or finding ways to look and act like a kitten again…

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      1. I do wish the Huffington Post would write an article directed at dogs about not farting so much. My furry beast brothers (Sherman and Walter) do it all the time and it’s gross. They’ve been known to clear a room!

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