Blog Share #12

Here we are with another referral blog, although as with most of that type, I don’t remember exactly which blog I was on that led me to Grandmalin. I’ve found, through writing this blog share series, that bloggers are truly an interconnected family in so many ways. That is a nice thing indeed.

Grandmalin writes at Breathing Space.

Grandmalin introduces herself by noting:

“This is where I come to talk to myself by dredging up an old photograph or a memory and beating it to death with my keyboard.  One day all this blather will be treasured by my progeny.   Deluded as that notion might be, it’s what keeps me here.”

A self-taught artist, all sorts of faces pop up on regular occasion at Breathing Space. Cut paper art has also been making an appearance lately. Grandmalin has a room (dare I say studio) in which to perfect her art. I have a shelf, in a closet, to hold my knitting supplies. Dare I say I am slightly envious.

Besides sharing briefly on her About page, this blogger has separate pages which highlight her family history, both ancestral and more current, as well as a page titled Before The Lights Go Out; a collection of semi-autobiographical tales based on her relationship with her sister.

Lin happens to be one of those bloggers who is real and I don’t mean in the physical sense, although I’m pretty sure she isn’t some sort of robotic automaton posing as a human blogger. She writes of what she has lived, and what she lives each day. Her work is honest, and her words are ones that I, and I would guess many others as well, can and do relate to. She has a witty side…no, really Lin goes beyond witty. She has a way of telling a story that is so straightforward, yet so comical, that I often end up laughing out loud. Reading Breathing Space makes me happy and there are many days when I truly need that.

Here are a few recent posts so that, if you don’t already follow Lin, you can check yourself for being neglectful of this blogger, and then click that follow button over there on her right side column.

What Happened Yesterday


Art du Jour 37

Art du Jour 20



2 thoughts on “Blog Share #12”

  1. Wow. I’m sitting here basking in your kind words. I don’t remeber how I found you either, but I’m so glad I did. All this interconnected-ness with so many incredible people is what keeps me here now, more than anything else. Thank you Deb ❤️❤️

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