How the Huffington Post ‘Post 50’ Suggests I Retire

Getting out of the glorious United States when you’re ready to retire isn’t just a dream for many of the done-with-work folks who are putting fun before practicality and becoming expats. Actually, I’m not one to judge being practical, so if you have the financial means, feel adventurous, don’t mind (or perhaps secretly want) the inability to see family and friends on any regular basis, then have you considered retirement in another country…


Post 50  has been kind enough to share many real-person accounts of life after the United States. Smiling faces stand in front of beach-side homes, and towering condominiums with amazing views. White sand, lush vegetation, endless mountains, and even modern art seem to make up the surroundings of many retirees living outside the USA. Couples look happy. They look contented. They look like they are having FUN on grand adventures, although they are photographed alone, usually side-by-side in photos resembling Facebook or Instagram selfies and not among the towns and communities that we really want to see and read about.

As you might expect, the lower cost of living seems to be the big draw for most of these people.

But what of the downside to living so far away from what they have known for most of their life? Some of the highlighted expats are linked to blogging websites, which I have not checked, so perhaps they do share the bad as well as the good. The Post 50 article does little to make this idea anything less than grand, and I will say that they caution that most of the retirees did a great amount of research before making the final decision.

Could I do it? I honestly don’t know. I’m having enough trouble just contemplating the process involved in selling this soon-to-be too large a home and finding something smaller, and more importantly, maintained by others. Completely uprooting every aspect of over fifty years, plus leaving family behind…I think a vacation sounds lovely, however I don’t think I’m truly cut out to be expat material.

What about you…rather you’re close to retirement or not, have you (if you live stateside now) ever thought about finding adventure as an expat retiree?


5 thoughts on “How the Huffington Post ‘Post 50’ Suggests I Retire”

  1. Things may change, but at this point, I’d be eminently satisfied with staying in Philly for the duration. My folks sometimes talk about retiring here, too.

    Which, come to think of it, is one thing that would make ex-patting it start sounding good! 😉

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  2. I kinda like the idea of retiring to somewhere cheap, bushy and sunny. Oh I know – Australia! But that’s right, I already live there. No really, I do like the idea of Somewhere Else, hopefully with locals prepared to care for me in my old age for a pittance. I don’t want to be around most people, most of the time, so the isolating effect of immigrating doesn’t bother me, in theory anyway.


    1. Oh I think I could jump on board with Australia or New Zealand. They oddly enough don’t seem so ‘foreign’ to me. I do agree, no matter where I happen to land that the being cared for is important.


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