I’m back…sort of…with the April A-Z Challenge

Do you remember my excitement about the challenge of posting everyday for the April A-Z Challenge beginning tomorrow?

I had planned a post every day focused on a female writer. That plan was moving ahead, rather well actually, and then a few weeks ago I decided that a writing break was needed. I spent a few days debating about just finishing out the writing associated with the remaining posts so that I could complete the challenge as planned. During those few days, while my fingers itched to smack at the keyboard of my computer, I knew also that my motivation to finish out the written posts for the April Challenge wasn’t going to be successful given my attitude and displeasure with myself, writing and life in general. With that in mind I picked up a pen and jumped into an art experience that had caught my eye some time back. Maybe you’ve heard of Zentangle or Zendoodle?

If not, or if you want some info go here. I don’t really remember how I stumbled across it initially, but I do remember looking at the designs, dismissing the idea because of my presumed lack of ability, but still being curious because everything I read kept insisting that you don’t have to be artistic to do this stuff. I played with it here and there, and it was actually easier than I thought.

So this writing break, combined with the fact that we are now in the midst of home school preschool with Miss G learning her alphabet, inspired me to create my version of alphabet flashcards. After working on a few pieces I had one of those slap-the-forehead, well-DUH moments, and decided that I would just go on ahead and stick with the A-Z challenge, but in a more creative way.

No writing involved, save for this introduction. Starting tomorrow, and each day in April except for the four Sunday’s, you will find a post with a Zendoodle alphabet letter surrounded by various designs that I’ve practiced. Practicing is the operative word here, as I have been learning as I go. I’ve taken up the more casual form of the original idea named ZenTangle. The real thing allows for only black and white, which I find I like, but these letters needed a bit of color, plus I’ve taken some shortcuts with the types of pens since this is my first real attempt at creating art. It is all free-hand, save for the letter itself, which I made by borrowing stencils from Miss G and tracing their place on the page first. Some days this process goes well, and others can be rough on the arthritis, but it’s been fun to do something completely different for a change.

I will refer in the future to this time as the ‘exploration of my artistic side’…whatever that means.


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