April A-Z Challenge “Z”

We come to the final A-Z Challenge post for 2015. It’s okay if you are silently, or otherwise, doing some fist pumps and giving a thankful sigh. This has been a long month, one that should have ended about two weeks ago.

Would I do it (this, or another challenge) again? Sure, but with a focus on some sort of writing because this is WordPress for gods sake, and I think the point is to focus on writing and words and all that is associated with such. I do think that an entire month is a bit too long, for any challenge though. I would use the word boring perhaps, or maybe even overkill. Challenges of any sort need to be short, or random, like those weekly things that are all over WordPress.

I do want to say how much I appreciate those who hung in for my walk through self-expression. I have learned that this form of art is endless, literally only limited by ones imagination to create new designs. As this month has progressed I have found a wealth of suggestions and patterns and examples, some really intricate, so, from time to time you may will get to see more of my work here as I experiment with, and learn new patterns.

This whole concept of being artsy and creative has fulfilled some hidden need within me to express myself and to put a part of me not typically seen, out there for the public to contact, and judge and respond to. Art, and being an ‘artist’ is scary. So much more so than putting words on a blog page I think. Of course, there’s that whole question of what makes art, ART, and does anyone really have the power to judge self-expression as artistic, or worthy, or great versus crap…and yes – I wondered during that first week of this challenge how many readers were sitting at their computers shaking their heads and ‘liking’ a post simply as a gratuitous, polite blogger.

But then, I just didn’t care anymore. I had enjoyed myself making each of those little designs. I was happy that I could create something that did not cause pain and aggravate my joints. My confidence expanded with each new design and since completing those first hesitant strokes I have actually created some interesting and rather nice pieces that will appear here down the road.

In the scheme of things, I don’t feel intimidated by this art, and that’s not something I would usually say. Drawing and painting scare the hell out of me because I have this notion that I have to make something that looks realistic. Sure there’s the abstract thing, but honestly I’m still on the fence about a lot of abstract art and going there is oddly intimidating in itself. I mean, if I have little confidence that I can make a tree look like a tree when it’s supposed to, what are people going to say about some fanciful abstract rendition that I claim is representational of a tree-like object…

These little designs are truly not meant to be anything. That is terribly freeing to me and allows me to relax and just put my pen to the paper and see what happens. I’m pretty okay with that.

For the present though, it is time to get back to writing. I will say that I secretly hoped I might have some sort of epiphany during this extended month of not writing, but really, other than that post I tossed in about Dorothy Allison, and a few fleeting notions, nothing of huge import has wedged itself into my brain screaming to be let out. I’m also trying (not very successfully) not to assign a format or concept to this blog other than what the title implies. Sort of like the designs, I have to just see where it goes for now.

If, by chance you missed this post, which for all intent and purpose was originally to be posted as my come-back-to-blogging official return postthen you may want to follow the link to bring yourself up to speed. Then, if you’ve figured out a new direction, or had an epiphany for me, please…let me know okay.



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