April A-Z Challenge “B”



Also, since the official word has now been given, I am free to share this “B” related photo as well.

Miss G has an announcement




10 thoughts on “April A-Z Challenge “B””

    1. Thank you for the wishes Carol 🙂 We have known for some time but had to wait until it was officially released so the timing was perfect for this challenge. Miss G is amazing and now I am trying to figure out what it will be like to manage two soon. This grandma may have met her match I think.

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    1. Thanks:) I don’t think I will be this consistent with the once a day posts after this challenge but I expect it’s time to write something again…


      1. I am unclear how post-a-day people do that, outside of projects that are short, consistent, and themed! The part of me that thinks “writing is a path through which we all come to know ourselves” is quite pleased to hear that you are thinking about writing again soon — and that’s whether you post what you write on here, or not…

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