April A-Z Challenge “D”



5 thoughts on “April A-Z Challenge “D””

  1. Something about this one in particular is deeply pleasing. I’m glad you’re sharing them! I’m tempted to try them myself, but I have a history of disappointing and frustrating myself when I try to draw or paint, I’m so far below what I want. But these tangle things seem like a manageable and sufficiently abstract exercise.


    1. I enjoy this one as well. I think I probably just said to hell with it and went for some of the designs I was unsure about. I find I enjoy the end product designs if they are fuller, more dense, if that makes sense. I am highly critical of anything that I construct labeled ‘art’ and as I was photographing these I was picking apart all the weird uneven lines and odd spacing and such but I notice if I step back and simply look at the overall design I don’t nitpick as much. I am all for art that doesn’t have to ‘be’ anything 🙂


    1. Why thank you. This set is on paper from a regular sketch pad, probably about 7×7, but I understand that if you want to be perfectly correct in your tangling you are to use only ‘approved tiles’ which are best described as heavy, archival quality card stock – roughly 3×3. The idea is to place a design on a tile and then combine them in a mosaic type pattern…at least that was the original plan. There are quite a lot of funny ‘rules’ around this art form, which I don’t have any intention of following 🙂 but I think to have the true copyright to the name ZenTangle, the creators probably had to set up some specifics. Anyway, I really am surprised at how relaxing these little lines can be and as with your poetry I just keep trying and focusing and someday…(speaking softly here)…perfection perhaps!

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