Sometimes All You Can Do Is Laugh

I really need to stop this writing everyday. I am setting my bar too high and I know that I can’t keep up these expectations. Plus I am verging on whining here and I remember mentioning something about not wanting to do that…

I just had to give you a quick update on the earlier post about my lost car key.

After I left the dealership yesterday I didn’t drive anymore. This morning was my usual Tuesday at Miss G’s house. Just as I arrived there a warning light on my dash told me that I had low tire pressure. I said a word that rhymes with truck.

After a 2 mile, slightly anxiety filled drive to a local Les Schwab I found out that even though the dealership had rotated my tires, they had neglected to check the air. All four were low. They are not low on air anymore. I love Les Schwab stores.

At 4:30 this afternoon I arrived at the dealership to pick up my lost car key. The sales manager received my thanks, as well as the information that I had encountered this second issue today, clearly related to my service with their techs.

I am unable to accurately describe his response or attitude when I mentioned that I had actually been okay with the key issue, but when the coincidence of the tire pressure came up I was not so pleased. While assuring me that he wanted me to be satisfied as a customer, I had the distinct impression that I was being dismissed. There was almost the sense that he was trying to say “Enough lady. Just take your key and go.”

So I did, with his assurance that the old key would work just fine.

Something told me to try it, and ya know what…the car wouldn’t turn on. I tried twice.

I walked back into the service department and handed them back the key. A different person this time attempted to tell me exactly the opposite of what I had just heard, that “…well, sometimes when you reprogram the old keys may not work and then they all need to be reprogrammed…”

I looked at this man, not pleasantly at all and said, “I can only imagine that the key I still have at home, the one that was the original backup key to this lost one, most likely won’t work either?”

“Well…it may or it may not. We can reprogram the lost one now if you like. It will just take a moment.”

Rather than try to explain that I would then have to make another trip to have the 3rd key checked I just stood there, literally staring at him. I think I gave him one of my I-am-beyond-ticked eye rolls. He seemed to get the message and in an offhand way, with a chuckle, he said, “Tell you what, why don’t you just stop back when you have time and we’ll reprogram all three for you.

I took the one key that works, the other key that no longer works, and as I turned, said “I’ll be back at some point.”

Leaving the dealership, my car was almost hit by one of the techs taking a car for its after service test drive. He literally never looked in my direction as he pulled onto the road and then nonchalantly just kept driving while looking like it was my fault.

I slammed on my breaks, gave him my best what-the-hell-are-you-doing glare and came so very close to flipping him off.

I wonder if he was the guy who worked on my car.


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