A Preemptive Apology, Of Sorts

Being away from the blog has left my Blog Share series in limbo for some time. I feel a new post is imperative, but first…

Curiosity leads me to ask, How many blogs do you follow? Do you read every one, all the time? Are they diverse, or have you found a genre/topic that you stick with above all else? How do you find new blogs?

While away I did some exploring around WordPress, searching out new and different blogs. I also unfollowed some blogs that had been on my list but had become inactive, or just not as interesting as I once thought, or (being completely honest) a little too ranty for my taste. I know, that last one surprised me as well.

I will often find a new blog and rather hesitantly follow it. Two reasons for that. I want to get a sense of the blog and sometimes I don’t get that by simply searching out random posts to read or checking the author’s About page. I don’t know how great my About page is, so I feel I shouldn’t complain too much, but I do like a thorough About page. I don’t want a life history, just some current and pertinent information, and at least tell me why you write, tell me what your message is meant to be. Please don’t make me guess. That information can only be available if you have an About page on your site. I mostly don’t take the time to check out a blog if I can’t find an About page.

The other reason I click follow without really knowing the blog is that I likely wouldn’t remember that I was interested in the blog in the first place if it didn’t show up in front of me with a reminder that the author had posted new thoughts. Asking me to keep a mental list of possible new blogs to follow is worthless. Nothing much seems to stay in my brain cells lately, and I’d rather not start another notes page in Google docs to help remind me that I might enjoy reading your blog.

When I follow a blog in this way I tend to stay away from commenting, or even liking posts, initially. Really I don’t interact much until I decide if I want to stick around or not. Of course the author was notified that I have started to follow them, but as to investing too much of myself initially…I can only say that I just need time.

I’ve added quite a few new sites to my list. Some will stay, while others may not make it too long so I apologize in advance if yours happens to be one that comes off my list. Maybe being unfollowed feels like being unfriended on Facebook. Maybe no one even notices, especially if you have a lot of followers.

Of course, I am devastated if anyone unfollows my blog. The legitimate bloggers I mean. Not those spam sites or commercial enterprises that click follow and then disappear. Some day (soon I hope) WordPress will allow bloggers to get rid of followers who are nothing more than names in a list of useless statistics. I don’t need numbers, I want real people with real words and thoughts and voices. Just know though, that I will be crushed if you ever leave me, and remember that I will still have access to you…because you can’t get rid of me. If that bit of sarcastic humor wasn’t clear please know I am not a creepy, stalkerish blogger. I will not retaliate if you choose not to follow me. I respect your choices, although I might have a moment or two of sadness knowing that you have gone…

So, let’s take up a new Blog Series post. I have a blog in mind that I’ve come to associate with copious amounts of humor, and fun, and silliness even. It brings me great joy and it’s not even written by a human. Stay tuned, Carol and her diverse family will make their presence known soon.


11 thoughts on “A Preemptive Apology, Of Sorts”

  1. I did not realize blogs unsubscribed themselves — until I looked at the top of this screen and realized I’m not actually “following” yours! (Corrected now.)

    My problem is in how new posts come to me. Most of my daily blog reading is not through WP but through a blog feed that I set up and started using long before I began blogging myself. I have close to 200 blogs tracked there (though, as with any blog collection, many are defunct or post very rarely). WP bloggers that I engage with regularly I add to that list under “Friends” (is how I get yours, and why I didn’t notice I wasn’t “following” you!).

    I do wish there were a better way to organize the blogs I follow on WP; having them all appear just as a jumble, either in that scrolled reader list or as daily/weekly emails, makes them MUCH harder to keep up with than when I can organize so new posts come in thematically and I can read the content in clusters. It’s easier to engage with the content, and to be in the right frame of mind for writing meaningful comments, if: now I’m reading the “chick shit” blogs (my blanket term for feminist-y sites), now “politics” (in a broad sense) or “humor.” Then maybe I’ll turn to food blogs or blogs on writing…


    1. Apparently I am either very selective/picky in who I follow, or I am just not interested in many topics because you are among the many who have noted they follow 100+ blogs. I truly couldn’t keep up, and to be honest, as I’ve been meandering around WP so many seem to be saying almost the same thing.
      I like the organizational blog feed idea, especially with that many to read. How funny that we discuss blogging as it’s own little social system (which it is) alongside its obvious influence on our personal social order and process. I’m sure that sociological study has been done to death 🙂


    1. Thanks Bruce. You had me hooked with the SF posts, and now I see that you are going to be addressing politics…I’ll be sticking around for some time for this conversation 🙂


  2. I approach following people much like you do. It takes a while before I feel comfortable commenting. I rely on my reader heavily but I have bookmarked in my web browser some of my favorites in case any of them get accidentally unfollowed (not sure if it is my fault somehow or if WP has some random fluke/bug that is to blame). I purposefully unfollow people that post too much (my reader cannot handle that) or whose subject matter ends up being uninteresting. I don’t mind if I don’t agree with someone 100% of the time, I like being challenged to rethink ideas, but it needs to be well written and coherent.

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    1. I have mysteriously ‘lost’ blogs as well and then spend time wondering why the person isn’t writing, until I have the duh moment and realize that they have been removed from my list-frustrating. I also like the blogs that challenge me to think, disagree and contemplate options.

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      1. I don’t think I have any of those, and who has that much to say! Wonder if they are they using their blog like FB or Twitter…or is their blog linked to those sites causing every word to be posted across the board without discretion for length/content???


  3. I follow a few hundred blogs; most are mostly inactive, sadly. I usually find new ones through global tags, favoring love, grief, parenting and life.

    I’ll read everything for a few days and then read nothing. Repeat. I wish I had endless time to read!

    I, too, would like a manual unsubscribe-follower option. Numbers aren’t important to me. Connections are. If that means whittling down to 50, great! I would like to be able to see who is really with me, the better to preserve my time and engage with those where it’s two ways.

    And now … now I think a nap must happen. *zonk*

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    1. So many inactive blogs out there. I see a real trend for some to start them then they just fizzle out, maybe they served there purpose, maybe the author found a better option, maybe there was simply nothing more to say…
      I hope your nap was refreshing 🙂

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