Blog Share #13

It’s lucky number 13 in my Blog Share series. I’d like you to meet Carol, who posts at

Carol is a cat, and if you click on her homepage you will be able to see her picture, as well as the hilarious cast of players who inhabit Carol’s home. Carol’s About page is one of those About pages that I mentioned in the predecessor to this post. Clear, honest and to the point. It provides an excellent introduction to Carol’s home life and speaks volumes to what she has to endure.

Most of the posts come from Carol, but since I began following the blog, many of Carol’s brothers and sisters have started posting as well, which usually ticks Carol off. I completely understand how having one’s blog usurped by family members could be quite irritating.

The personalities of Carol’s family members really do deserve a reality TV show. I know I would watch religiously, and tape episodes if I had to be away. I’m not sure how Carol keeps her sanity, although I think blogging is her escape mechanism. She is a very good writer, with exceptional grammar and clarity. I wouldn’t have necessarily expected that from a cat dealing with emotional turmoil, but Carol really pulls her thoughts together and her words always show her sincere wishes to understand her family, the social order of the animal world and life in general, but they also express her deep need to have even just a few moments of peace.

Carol allows both LOUD mom and LITTLE mom to post commentary on occasion as well. I found that we share a broad social science background, something that was exceptionally nice to find and allows for some interesting back and forth social commentary on occasion.

I would never intentionally disrespect Carol, or her place as the rightful author of the blog, and I truly enjoy her writing, but I have to admit that when I met her older sister Violet I was so deeply reminded of my senile, older lady feline Snowflake. They seem to have quite a bit in common, and I think that Carol truly sees the value in the wisdom a mature lady can bring. I had hoped to hear more from Violet, but her main purpose is to sleep. I do enjoy the updates on Violet that Carol provides though.

I also must admit to feeling slightly awkward when I began to follow Carol. I noticed that most of her followers happen to be other cats, as well as a significant number of dogs. I wondered if I would be ostracized, being a human and all, commenting on posts with such a decidedly non-human following. I was never made to feel inferior, never marginalized for my human status, and certainly never made to feel deviant for enjoying a blog written by a cat and her animal companions. This level of maturity is truly powerful, and an example to humans of the ability of animals to accept diversity. Carol, and all her siblings truly live the ideal of acceptance and openness.

Before I close, I want to share a secret. Sometimes I forget that Carol is a cat. Sometimes I forget that the other guest writer’s of this blog are not human. It’s uncanny how they have all developed so many human-like traits and issues. What… you suggest a secret human author who creates anthropomorphic posts using the name Carol. Never, and I dare you to prove that.

When you stop by creekviewcarol I suggest you never present that idea to Carol, or any of her siblings. They have gang connections, military might, and some are just genuinely nasty. You don’t want to offend any of them, ever.


17 thoughts on “Blog Share #13”

  1. I did appreciate the awkwardness of learning about this new evolution of internet cat posts by unknowingly diving into it first hand. From my filmmaking experience though, I don’t believe cats would be very good performers on camera, at least in terms of a cohesive storyline, but I’d certainly look to see how you make out if Carol tried it.


    1. I agree, cats are much too independent to be a stand alone focus, but as Carol’s family offers such nice diversity I think they could make it work 🙂 Your Luna is quite sweet and seems to enjoy the starring role without too much complaint.


  2. I totally agree with you – I absolutely can’t wait for each new post from Creekview Carol (and her siblings). It is a true delight every time a new post appears. I wish that her moms would explore a reality series – so much better than most TV that’s on today!

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  3. Reblogged this on creekviewcarol and commented:
    My friend and trusted adviser, Deb, highlighted my blog in her most recent Blog Share. I’m so honored by her thoughtfully written post that I wanted to share it here with you while I have a chance – before Sherman, Mr. “I don’t get the point of blogging,” returns and boots me off the computer AGAIN. [Have you noticed he doesn’t even disguise his posts as Wordless Wednesdays anymore? I’m concerned he’s orchestrating a de facto overthrow of MY blog!]

    Thank you, Deb, for your kind words and for all of your sage advice!

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    1. Aww, now I am honored, and Carol- the General is much more concerned with his troops than usurping your blog right now. I think he’s suffering a crisis of command so try to be gentle with him if you can.

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  4. I didn’t see this until just now!! [Between my moms’ shenanigans with the computer, The General’s newfound love of blogging, and Ethel’s recent online escapades – stay tuned – I haven’t been able to get on the computer hardly at all!]

    Thank you SO much for your kind words! I am truly honored. Every time I publish a post, I wait eagerly for your response. You always have such wise feedback. Don’t tell Baby Girl, but I trust your advice more than hers. Thank you, again!!

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    1. Why thank you Carol. I have been waiting, not very patiently I must say, to get back to this blogging thing and feature you and your family. Advice from all levels is good, you just have to pick and choose wisely rather than accepting and attempting to use it all. Trust your feline instincts every time and you will do fine 🙂

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  5. Have recently begun checking this blog out — did not realize ALL the posts were by cats!! Just thought I managed to only stop in days that Carol (who I definitely was human) turned her blog over to a cat.

    (Sheesh, Alice. Get a clue, much??)

    Thank you for this entertaining and informative overview, Deb!

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      1. Carol makes me so happy and she keeps a tight rein on her human moms so they get very little writing time on that blog. Catch Wordless Wednesday’s- that post tends to be the day that her siblings get a chance to post their thoughts.

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        1. Those are the ones I’ve been reading! Probably why I never realized Carol was not just a human person giving her blog over to cats once a week. Clearly I gotta check out some non-Wednesday editions…

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