Home Alone, and Sex

What do you do when you’re home alone?

I know that some of you have that privilege all the time. Many of you are constantly surrounded by others of various ages and species.

I am alone this weekend, except for senile Snowflake, who has acted much less senile lately. I wish she could make up her mind and settle on a purpose and behavior to stick with going forward.

The spouse is on a bi-annual camping weekend. Frankly, his being gone is noticeable only because he is not taking up space in areas that I would rather he wouldn’t take up space. There is no mess in the kitchen, no sound of repeated trips to the kitchen for snacks throughout the evening, no sounds of the breathing machine swooshing and whooshing, no body presence in the room with me. I am seriously thinking that a bed in the office/playroom/art room is needed. Of course, it would serve various grandchildren and may prove helpful in the future as well.

Alison, who isn’t here much anyway, is pet sitting while Miss G and family are in San Diego for a wedding.

So, do you want to know what I do when it’s just the cat and me?

So far I have briefly gardened yesterday (Friday). My neck is protesting this morning. I renewed a prescription. I have to pick that up today while I am out buying food. I made the grocery list yesterday as well. I did some exploring on Amazon and added to my wish list. This is my ‘pricey’ book list made up of mostly textbook-like texts that interest me. It’s rather gross, weather wise today, so some art is likely going to happen. As will some wine. And some laundry. Quite obviously, my alone days are much the same as any other day.

However, last evening I decided to watch a series on sex. I caught some interesting discussions about sex and sexuality in early Egypt, and ancient Eastern cultures.

I learned that some Egyptian women found interesting uses for their vases. A lengthy discussion was had by an enthusiastic scholar who highlighted Egyptian pornography from scraps of papyrus. I also learned that Egyptian artists were VERY generous when they depicted men who were also interested in women using vases in unusual ways.

We moved on to the Eastern cultures who were very open with their sexuality. However, I learned that Daoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism all employed clever language to describe body parts in their sex guide books. Jade towers and crimson flowers were depicted in numerous places, doing any number of things, often with numerous people involved. Of course Indian sexuality was not forgotten. The Kama Sutra was highlighted. I did not know that Hindu beliefs in cosmology weigh heavily in their views on sexuality as well. Professor Singh enlightened me on enlightenment, and the similarity to human sexual climax, cosmic fluids, and universal orgasm. Tantric sex anyone. I am now thinking of Sting, as in the singer once associated with The Police. I saw an interview once, and Sting was extolling the virtues of tantric sex. I cannot hear those words without thinking of him.

Finally, have you ever heard an Australian academic say the word sex? It sounds like ‘six’ and, especially if you find the distinct Australian accent intriguing to begin with, hearing that one word, sex/six, can sound quite erotic.

The show began moving into sexual taboos and away from the ancient porn discussion. Suddenly I woke up in the middle of a story about modern-day incest and decided it was time for bed, alone. The entire bed to myself. The cat crashed on her blanket. I slept like a baby.


2 thoughts on “Home Alone, and Sex”

  1. This so did NOT go in the direction I was expecting. (Yes, I fell for your opening tease!)

    On the theory that one good “history of sex” story deserves another, I will tell you that your post made me think about my 5th grade sex ed class, which was held at church. VERY thorough, VERY explicit. (We were Unitarians. What can I say.) Anyhow, the “textbook” we spent part of every class looking through was The Joy of Sex — which has, in addition to the line-drawings of a ’70s-style hirsute couple demonstrating their hearts out, a bunch of reproductions of early Japanese and Indian erotic art. I remember being simultaneously enthralled and aghast at many of those images…

    Though the thing that made the biggest impression on me was the section on ice as a sexual enhancer — because it included the caveat “DO NOT USE DRY ICE!” (All I could think about was “OF COURSE not dry ice! Cuz surely a guy would notice if there was all this vapor coming off some random bucket I had placed next to the bed!!”)

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    1. Yeah, not sure that I’m ready to be quite that open on this blog and reveal that much about myself 😉
      You had to have been a very well-prepared 5th grader, which is also an aspect mentioned in the program I watched…namely the preparation of children for sex due to the fact that male rulers started very young, and young girls were favored by the hierarchy in general so all needed to be schooled in the fine art.
      I may have that dry ice bucket image in my head for some time to come…

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