If Only…

I was on my way to do errands this morning (I have the week off as Miss G is on an extended vacation) and had the radio on in my car as usual.

The early morning DJ and staff always ask some sort of question of their audience for call-in responses. Sometimes the question refers to some social issue in the news. Other times the questions are just silly, or outlandish. Those always get turned into politically incorrect talk-show drivel that cracks up the radio staff, but sometimes verge on rude. Not Howard Stern rude and incorrect, but dicey and most commonly filled with sexual innuendo. This station plays songs from my teenage years so I overlook some of this crude airplay. While sexism rears its head at times, I can deal with it here.

Anyway, the question I heard this morning was fun. It got me to thinking about my answer and also about asking all of you what your answer would be, and why, after I share my response.

They asked, “If you could reboot any movie and star in it, what movie would it be and what character would you be?”

I knew my answer right away.

I would choose Jennifer Grey, who played Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman in “Dirty Dancing.”


I think that it would be amazing to play a teenager who grew up in the 1960’s. I was too little then, in my own real life to have any clue about what our society was like. I want to be one of those selfless, inspired youth who planned to change the world like Baby with her desire to serve in the Peace Corp. I want to do the right thing and stand up for my beliefs, no matter the price. Mostly, and here is where the true secret is revealed…

I have always wanted to dance.

Not bop around the barroom dance floor bump and grind crap from my youth. I know you remember those days and how your thigh, or your partners thigh for that matter, could fit oh so nicely in just the right spot… Not ballet, because strapping on ballet slippers with that pointy hard toe thing makes me think seriously of foot binding, and I’m also not too fond of tulle. Tap dancing is just silly and I could never move my feet that fast, and it does conjure up memories of Shirley Temple movies from my childhood, like the totally racist “Little Colonel” and Bill Robinson.

I want to dance like Baby and Johnny.

I want to learn to respect my partners dance space while feeling as if I am one with my partner. I want to jump into my partners arms and be lifted to the sky and not fear that he will drop me, or that I will look ridiculous as my chiffon dress lands over my head instead of modestly covering my legs. I want my feet to twirl while I dance on my toes in simple, but elegant dance shoes that match that chiffon dress. I want to toss my head the way Baby does, her curly hair perfect. I want to feel the electricity and the freedom and the body knowledge associated with graceful movement. I want to have the time of my life, just once, as a dancer.

What about you?

What movie would you choose and why. We have to know the why…


12 thoughts on “If Only…”

  1. I’d want to be Terry, played by Linda Blair, in Roller Boogie because I would get to wear roller skates and do lots of neat tricks! I’d cast my brother, Steve, as Bobby. He’d make a perfect Bobby. I’m sure I’d have to give Ethel a part, but it wouldn’t matter which one because she’d be unhappy with anything that wasn’t the lead. And can you imagine her skating with that gut flab dragging on the roller rink?!

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    1. I didn’t know that you skate Carol! I can only skate on carpet, put me onto the rink itself and even if I had all four of your paws I would be down for the count. I think Ethel would want to sing all the music played by the DJ, which ultimately could be very interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Sarah Connor in Terminator 2. The one where she’s buff and badass from the get-go, breaks out of a high security psych ward, saves her son and the world(!) with the help of a sentient super-macho super-machine she gets to melt into scrap at the end — after which she drives off down a dark highway into an unknown (but finally hopeful) future…


  3. I enjoy watching movies that are sad and have sad endings. Like Immortal Beloved, Becoming Jane, Anna Karenina, etc. I was about to pick one and then realized that I want MY movie to have a happy ending. So now I just don’t know. Maybe Pride and Prejudice, the 2005 version.

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    1. She was great in that move, but I remember hiding with my hand over my eyes for many parts of that movie. Things jumping out bother me, and even if I knew what was coming as an actor, I would probably freak out.

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