Lines on Paper

I had lots of free time last week, and while words seem to be MIA, I did find myself creating some designs that I’m happy with.

This first picture is actually my name in Zentangle. It seems that there are as many ways to create a finished design as there are individual patterns themselves. One suggestion was to randomly pick a pattern for each letter of your name and create a complete design. Here I am, first and last name.


Next in line are two with random themes.

On the left I used a water theme. Mixed into the design are patterns such as River, Riverstones, Lilypond and Tadpole. The design on the right was inspired by a pillow on my couch.


The last two have no central plan to them at all. I do most of these designs on white tiles, which is what the squares are called. While good quality paper, they are not the original tiles used by the creators of this art form. Those tiles are pricey, and for now I limit my use of them. I did use one for the bottom design. I think you can see that the edges are not as neatly finished. They don’t look like they were stamped from a press machine like the less expensive version. They aren’t white, but a slightly creamy-yellow to tan color. They also have a rougher texture, which I like, and which picks up the ink nicely. The originals are also great for shading, which is a technique that is still challenging to me.

IMG_20150528_103051992_HDR (1)


Love to hear from you!

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