Names Matter

We’d danced, made some art, and played at the park.

Lunch was finished.

It was quiet time and today that meant a movie to wind down with before Miss G took a nap.

She wanted Tangled, or as she calls it, Prepunzel. We couldn’t find the DVD anywhere.

She pulled out Despicable Me instead.

“Can you tell me what his name?” She was referring to the villian who looks like Uncle Fester from the Addams Family.

“I don’t know his name sweetie. Grandma’s never watched this movie before.”

“But what his name?”

I knew this conversation wasn’t going anywhere fast so I pulled out the almost empty bag of potato chips and distracted her with some of the crumbs left in the bag. Food works every time.

Later, when the nasty guy descends into his laboratory, Miss G asked me what the little yellow guys were called.

“Those are minions,” I said.

She looked at me like I was making up a word.

“No. What they called?”


“What their name?”

We’d run out of potato chips so I mumbled something and pretended like I hadn’t heard her.

Later still, when the evil guy, disguised as a dentist, is adopting the three girls from Miss Hattie, he mentions his wife’s name was Debbie.

“Grandma, that’s your name. He said Grandma Debbie.”

“You’re right G, good job!”

Finally, a name that I knew.


6 thoughts on “Names Matter”

  1. You know the same thing happens to me when we are @ the grandkids. I am gradually feeling like I am becoming more and more out of the loop w/ today’s pop culture.


    1. Life moves in phases doesn’t it? When Miss Gs momma was young I could name any character that was popular, but now I need a college degree in pop culture to keep up. We seem to have become the older generation that we once looked upon with curiosity. I definitely felt that yesterday 🙂

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    1. That she does, which is often scary and profound all at the same time Carol. She also has a fine black kitty with an over extended tummy and a little dog that would give your canine siblings a run for their money. They are often a bigger challenge than Miss G 🙂

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