A Special Guest Blog

Hi everyone. My name is Miss G. You probably know that my Grandma Debbie is the author of this blog.

She let me share her space today because I have a special announcement.

My mama had something called an ultrasound today. I got to see the baby growing inside her again. It’s gotten a LOT bigger, just like mama’s tummy.

When we got home we had some special balloons with us. I thought they were mine, but mama said we had to take a very special picture with the balloons before I could play with them.

So, we took the picture in the room where the baby is going to sleep and then I got to have some fun.

Mama had to put the picture on the computer, and dada was saying something about wedding money, estrogen, and locking people in closets until they are 40. I don’t know what all that means, but mama said I could show you the picture we took and you would probably understand. I’m gonna go play with my balloons now.



7 thoughts on “A Special Guest Blog”

  1. Hi, Miss G! So nice to meet you! Probably better over the computer than in person. [In my experience, small humans enjoy chasing me, grabbing handfuls of my fur, and yanking on my tail.]

    Congratulations on having a baby sister!!!! Trust me, brothers can get on your last nerve. But I think a little sister would be LOTS of fun!


    1. You look like a nice kitty Carol and my grandma Debbie says she likes you a lot and that you have lots of brothers and sisters. Maybe if I don’t like my new sister I can send her to your house???

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      1. Hmm, I’ll have to think about this [see aforementioned concerns about fur grabbing and tail pulling]. You look awfully sweet though, Miss G, so I’d like to help if needed. Maybe we could negotiate a trade of some sort.

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