In passing

“So, you’re okay with not knowing if you’ll be employed in 1, or 2, or 4 years?”

“Well, as long as I’m employed now I suppose I’ll think about not being employed when the time comes.”

“So you don’t care about things like stability?”

“I’ll care more about stability when I’m older.”

“So like stability should happen around twenty-five or six?”

“That sounds right.”

That readers is the wisdom of a now twenty-two year old.

*Sunday, 1:00 pm

I need to post an addendum to this as it was pointed out to me by a very important person that the above apparent laissez-faire attitude may not be what this person is truly all about. I was reminded also that this person does not always endeavor to show the true self behind the outward facade.

This post was meant not as disparaging to said twenty-two year old, nor any twenty-two year old for that matter. My point was to pass on, in paraphrased form, and interesting recent conversation. I simply chose not to include my deep envy of the person that this twenty-two year old happens to be. Perhaps I should have. Clearly I should have for her sake. It is difficult to remember a time in my life that I was able to look to the future, rather that be a job, a relationship, an event, whatever, and not feel absolutely dysfunctional if I didn’t know of every detail, every fork in the road and every alteration that may come about. What I should have said is that at twenty-two, and even now at 55 years old, I have to know what’s coming. I’m not quite as neurotic as I once was, but I do acknowledge that my Type A personality wins out most of the time.

I would give just about anything to be able to look ahead and say that I will take what comes as it comes. So readers, in this case, the twenty-two year old in question has what I consider to be a better attitude and considerably more wisdom than me.


3 thoughts on “In passing”

  1. Yep!
    This makes sense to me, a currently unemployed thirty eight year old, whose head spins with a dizzying, panic filled nausea every time she thinks about now, let alone the future.



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