The Face of Innocence? Perhaps Not.

Here stands the sweet, innocent, senile lady who has clearly had some issues making it completely into her litter box.


(She is also drooling in this photo)

We’ve discussed this issue before. Why step all the way in when the front feet will do. It’s a simple process to then just pee on the absorbent puppy training pads that surround the box.

I’ve come to terms with this. I don’t necessarily like it, but I tolerate it. However…

Twice now, this innocent looking cat has peed on the floor, very near my fireplace tiles, on two different pairs of shoes.

The first time, about 1 week ago, the shoes belonged to Miss G. They were partially covered by a plastic bag, and we just sort of brushed off the fact that we had just sat and watched the cat pee (a lot) on this bag, the shoes and my rug. We chocked it up to confusion because…senile cat.

Today, after moving a small hall table that had been in the same vicinity as the initial pee site, and after I was finished outside, I removed my sandals and tossed them just inches from pee area #1. The cat, my innocent confused cat, walked directly to the sandals, stepped onto them, skewed one leg out a bit, and proceeded to pee (again a lot) on the carpet, fireplace tile, and even managed a few drops onto my shoes.

Is she confused? I am beginning to have my doubts as she certainly makes 95% of her pee stops at the litter box.

What the hell do I do now.


6 thoughts on “The Face of Innocence? Perhaps Not.”

  1. Violet and Snowflake have much in common – and my moms share your frustration on this issue! Violet comes and goes with using the litter box. Most often, she walks into the box, but not far enough (like Snowflake), and ends up peeing over the side. But while my moms were on vacation, Violet started peeing AND pooping outside of the box. It’s hard to chalk this up to senility when it coincides with our moms being gone!

    Our moms thought that perhaps not being on her usual routine had Violet off. They also suspected that our person that’s away at college wasn’t scooping the litter boxes enough [and they were right – I had to use them while they were gone!]. But now that they’re home, and everything’s back on schedule and the boxes are getting scooped twice a day, Violet is still “forgetting” to use the box.

    As for Snowflake, I’m not sure there’s a lot that can be done other than keeping the fireplace area clear of items on which she might want to relieve herself. Of course even that’s no guarantee 😦 Good luck!

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    1. Carol, I knew that your moms would understand, and I’m sorry that your older sister is having the same problems now. At least Violet seems like a nice cat, unlike some of your other high-strung siblings.

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  2. I actually stopped putting the puppy pee pads around the litter box — lo and behold! Hildi started hitting the litter again!

    I guess she thought the pads meant we had reached a new arrangement on acceptable toilet habits…


    1. Ya know, Snowflake has her moments. She will go for days completely in the box and then just act like she doesn’t know what it’s for or can’t drag herself into it. It has a convenient step in feature so she doesn’t even have to go over anything. The other issue is that the box is over carpet ( I KNOW) and I can’t take any more accidental pee on that. We have nowhere else to put the box and I can’t move it on her now anyway or then we might as well just open up the entire house.
      Just wish I knew if she is truly confused, or really pissed off (HAHA) about something.


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