If You Follow This Blog On Facebook…

…it’s time to say good-bye…but not forever. It just means a little click and we’ll still be connected.

Some months ago I started a Facebook page that was linked directly to this blog, rather than have my posts show up on my personal Facebook page. I had friends who liked to read the posts, but who weren’t followers on WordPress and so it was easy for them to click on a link on Facebook.

I even went so far as to promote the Facebook page of I am therefore I write a few times and I think I gained some readership from doing that, which I am thankful for.

However, as this blog has transitioned along the way, and as I seem to find more joy in reading other blogs instead of writing on my own lately, and as I am trying to let Facebook go altogether (although I can’t give up the damn Mahjong game I like to play), I have come to the decision to remove the Facebook page associated with this blog.

It’s truly been interesting to watch how anonymous folks on Facebook react to posts that are linked to the page. Some days, and it’s usually when I post with a ‘catchy’ title, I get quite a few engagements on the page itself. An engagement simply means that someone has seen and clicked the link to the WordPress post. On occasion, I get a few likes there, but the reality is that most who engage simply do not like or comment. So, in other words, the hoped for conversations from readership through Facebook are few. I truly value the readers who do engage, and hopefully take the time to read the blog posts that are linked. For those of you who have been loyal readers, and stop by to check the new links that pop up, I don’t want to lose you or your involvement in this blog.

This isn’t a push to join WordPress, so please keep reading. There is an easy way to do that, and that’s simply by subscribing to the blog through an email notification that will alert you when I publish a new post. That way Facebook readers, you won’t miss anything. Since you have already clicked on this post link in your Facebook window you know that you are on my most recent blog post page. On the right hand side of this page you’ll see, third from the top, the link YOU want: ‘Follow Blog via Email.’ Just hit follow and you will receive an email confirming that you can now keep in touch even though the Facebook page will sail off into the sunset at the end of this month.

Yep, by June 30th the Facebook version of I am therefore I write will be but a mere memory.

So this really isn’t a goodbye, but a consolidation let’s say, and I look forward to our change of locale very soon.


2 thoughts on “If You Follow This Blog On Facebook…”

  1. Makes sense, given how you’ve been shifting focus lately. Don’t know if you still have a personal FB page? I’m on mine quite a lot — invite is open, if you ever want to “friend” up! 🙂

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