Completion of the Cycle

Do you remember my rant about the trees in our yard that was posted just a few days ago?

Today the old stump has been ground down level with the grass and nine trees have been pruned and trimmed and thinned a bit and just generally spruced up.

Doing all this work has exposed a few things:

*The broken boards in the oldest part of the fence. Those broken boards provide an easy gateway for neighboring cats to navigate through our yard and on over to the next street. This opening serves as a shortcut. It gets plenty of traffic.

*The neighbors yard and house directly behind us. I appreciate the deadly branches being removed from both the ash tree and the maple tree, but those same branches did quite a bit to secure our privacy as well.

*Our gutters and roof line are now uncovered of branches in four strategic areas. However the moss that accumulated under those places is thick and most likely not doing our shingles any good.

*The driveway. Okay, so we could see our driveway, but many branches were so low that they would scrape the top of my car and Alison’s also. Large trucks have been seen swerving into the other lane to avoid the deadly branches hanging over the street. None of use have to worry about this anymore.

I was told that, in a few cases, more thinning would be recommended in a few years, especially if we don’t want to lose the maple being crowded out by the ash tree. I was told that the tiny plums growing on the tree in the corner of the lot are actually very tasty. I have never seen one single plum on that tree before. In fact, I always thought it was a flowering cherry and that it didn’t produce fruit. Apparently I was wrong, and now I would like to figure out how to get into that tree to pick some of the fruit that we’ve been missing. I also learned that one large maple should never have been planted where it was on the side of our house. No surprise there, and now the question is how long do we have before it starts uplifting our sidewalk and fence.

And, in an ironic note, when the husband came home and looked at what had been accomplished, one of the first things he mentioned was “hiring someone to come clean the vinyl siding of moss and algae now that it was so obvious in so many places.”

I’m not sure if my mouth fell open or if I managed to cover my shock and clamp my jaw closed. I didn’t spout off with anything sarcastic, even though I wanted to. I didn’t question why, suddenly, it was okay to hire someone for yet another project. I know enough about the spouse to understand that this is his way of saying that perhaps it had been a good decision to get these trees pruned and that other projects were better off being done by someone else. I also know that it will still be up to me to do the finding and hiring, but I’ll take that, as long as I’m not on the receiving end of inappropriately negative questions about price when the estimates begin rolling in.


5 thoughts on “Completion of the Cycle”

  1. There seems to be a seismic shift taking place on your land! Lots of new things being revealed… I can’t help wondering (shoot me now) whether some of what you describe here, about your husband and about your garden, could be a metaphor… I know it’s hideously cheesy… but… just putting it out there…!



    1. While I would like to jump on your positive bandwagon his erratic behavior has taken this same journey on other occasions so I can’t assume a momentous shift is imminent.

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