Heat Wave

We are sweltering here, with highs today in the mid 90’s and no end in sight. This weather is not normal in our area for June. We are used to a gradual warm up to temps such as this, but they don’t hit until August, and then only last about two or three weeks.

My routine now involves getting up really early, like 4 AM when the spouse gets up, on the days I don’t watch Miss G, and getting whatever work and errands done by nine or ten at the latest.

I can’t believe that up until just this spring I valued decor over comfort. I used to have light, airy curtains at all of our western facing windows. You can imagine that they did nothing to help keep the late afternoon sun and heat out of the living area there. As noted though, it was fairly easy to work around my desire to see outside since our true summers are short and typically bearable, that is until this summer. Putting up dark insulated curtains in what I believed to be nothing more than a change of decor has proven to be life-saving when it comes to decreasing heat, so a resounding YAY for me.

Another bonus is eating much less and drinking much more…water that is. Food just isn’t appealing to me when it’s so hot, and I definitely don’t want to stand in a kitchen and cook so salads, smoothies, fruit/cheese/nut platters and easy sautéed veggies are about as far as my menu goes. Oh, and the ice pops in the freezer as well.

Miss G has a pool, and her house is air-conditioned so I feel that’s a third bonus.

Now if I could just figure out how to go without a bra and not risk embarrassment of the low-hanging boob dilemma everything would be pretty well set.

In other news, kinda sorta related to the heat, we still live in a county that allows personal use of fireworks on July 4th. I’m all for organized displays by people who know what they’re doing. However, I think the personal displays have gotten way out of hand, especially when you happen to be surrounded by adults who can’t let this habit go and actually spend more time, and I assume money as well, on shooting off not just pretty ground level fireworks but rockets and what sounds like grenades or land mines as well. The former being the legally allowed kind; the latter being what can be bought at the many illegal stands at numerous reservation sites. Our eastern part of the state is already burning with wildfires. We’ve had news reports around here of small fireworks related fires for about a week now. Our grass is dead. Everyone’s grass is dead. I think shooting off fireworks is a smart thing in these conditions, don’t you?

Time to finish up chores for the day. I have a couscous salad to make and chill, some online banking to finish as well as some laundry and some dishes to wash from my 6 AM baking and I’m already nearly a full hour past my cut off point for chores.

I think that it’s also time for the bra to go back into the closet.


8 thoughts on “Heat Wave”

  1. I remember an earlier discussion about the changed curtains — YAY! indeed that they are helping out during this hot season!

    I have a small air conditioner unit in my bedroom, for the hot nights. The rest of the time (and in the rest of the apartment) I make do with open windows and lots of fans. July and August chez Alice are what I generally refer to “Cooking in My Underwear Season.”

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    1. Just replaced some curtains in the bedroom as well. It gets the morning-into early afternoon sun and as there is no let up in sight for these 90+ days we are now living virtually in a cave.

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  2. I’m surprised there aren’t exceptions to fireworks for droughts out there – I remember as a kid growing up in Texas, getting increasingly anxious as July approached about whether or not we’d be allowed to have fireworks (a lot of years all displays, even professional ones, were canceled for safety reasons). But I guess you guys aren’t quite as accustomed to droughts. I wish we could send some of our chilly rainy days your way.


    1. I know right. This is one time that stepping on toes, legal rights of individuals/counties, patriotism…all that needs to be completely over ridden by public safety in drought conditions. In fact, the news just discussed a plea by our governor for those still legal, and incredibly ‘responsible’ individuals to refrain from participating this year.

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