The spouse was a victim of scammers. Right at the ATM machine at our local bank. The ATM machine right outside the banks front door no less.

He attempted to use his card to get cash on Thursday and was told it was unauthorized. At 6PM, it was too late to do much that night, but fortunately our bank was open Friday. He was able to pick up a new card that day.

Thankfully our bank was on top of things, although I’m still unsure just how they realized that his card was scammed. We had no unauthorized purchases on our account, and they claim the scamming happened on June 29, which was Monday.

They told him that thieves have been active lately. They manage to put one of those false front card reader thingies over the bank machine slot. They also manage to strategically place a camera so as to capture the input of the pin.

How clever are these people to do this, in a lighted area, visible to the street, directly open to the front door of the bank. I think I can believe the card reader, but the camera… Apparently I am very unaware and uninformed on the capabilities of technology today. I can only imagine it must have been a tiny camera, but obviously able to do its job.

I can only say: keep your eyes open, cover the keypad when you input your pin, and make sure you check the card slot before automatically inserting any debit or credit card. Be wary. Be vigilant.


5 thoughts on “Scammed”

    1. Thanks, it was gratifying to know that the bank jumped on the situation as two large deposits had just recently been added. It was odd, and puzzling more than anything, but it did make me think that I had better be more aware for myself and my use of these machines.

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