How Do You Define Obsession?

I have a rather astounding update associated with that self-driven quest I wrote about a few weeks ago. You might remember the mention I made in this post regarding the all-out battle I decided to wage against all those company’s catalogs that are consistently sent to homes like mine rather they are asked for or not.

At the time I had a running list of at least ten companies that were receiving my nasty clear and concise emails asking that they remove me from their mailing lists, and that they stop selling my name to related business partners.

Every single one of the companies has, in some way, acknowledged my email. Most typically the responses have come as rather generic notes assuring me that I was immediately removed, but also adding the suggestion that I better not get too cocky too soon.

“Dear Ms. Smart-Ass Lady,

Thank you for contacting Irritating Company Name. We appreciate your email and can assure you that we have removed your name and address from our mailing list as you asked. Please be aware that you may still receive 2 or 3 catalogs because our mailing lists are printed in advance. (In other words: this line is just a ploy and we hope to convince you to buy something from our company by reeling you in with a few more strategically mailed catalogs) Please contact us if there is anything further we can help you with.


Generic Customer Service Representative”

Have no fear. I am literally keeping a running tally of the date I receive every one of these email verification’s as well as how many more catalogs I receive down the line. What? Going overboard in this you ask… No way, I say. Does she have any life at all you wonder? Yes I do, but I might wonder that same thing myself if this story was posted on your blog. Let’s just say I am being thorough in my documentation, waiting for the moment when catalog #4 arrives from any one of these companies and I can send another bitchy clear and concise email reminding those CSR that they very clearly assured me that the catalogs would stop arriving in my box. I really want to be able to say, even just once, “Ah, but you promised that, at the most, I might expect 2 or 3 catalogs. This catalog I now hold in my hand is Catalog #4! You people LIE.”

While I fantasize on this, and practice the perfect way to present my indignation just in case the scenario happens, I do have to share that astounding update with you, because I got away from my originally planned point just a bit.

I have never ordered anything from Jockey. The underwear people. I don’t even buy anything Jockey in the stores. Earlier this week I received a catalog from Jockey. Without hesitation, ready to nip this new offenders tactics in the bud before they could get a foothold, I sent off an email. Short and to the point. Almost immediately I received a reply.

Here’s the astounding part.

It was not the typical, rather generic, scripted reply. Yes, Erica W did thank me for contacting customer service. However, Erica W took her reply to new heights by not only noting that Jockey understands just how tiresome it can be to receive unwanted catalogs, but that they are also deeply conscious of the environment and were absolutely glad to be saving a tree or two by taking my name off their mailing lists because…don’t we all need to do our part for the environment.

I had to read the email two or three times just to make sure of what I was seeing. I was impressed that Erica W tried to make this email reply personal and meaningful. It didn’t occur to me until later that there may have been some sarcasm involved, but I am choosing to believe that Erica W is honorable and true and sincere in her words.

So impressed was I that I sent my own thanks back to Erica W for being so prompt.

Just tonight, I received this email from my friend Erica W:

“You are so very welcome Debbie. Take care!”

I can’t begin to tell you how happy this made me. Jockey really does care, about me, my concerns and the environment.

As to that concern about my having any sort of life…I bet Erica W would never question that idea. Perhaps we’ll have a laugh over that in our next email…


6 thoughts on “How Do You Define Obsession?”

    1. Haha! I sorta like the idea of walking off into a foggy night, even if Erica decides not to go with. Seriously though, she set the bar for all my future interactions with CSR’s.

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