Summer vacation has arrived.

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Headed to the beach tomorrow. Miss G will be visiting with her San Diego grandma for some days while she is in town. I will be staying on the coast, likely eating things that I shouldn’t some of the time, drinking wine some of the time, reading, walking, drawing—all the things I do at home but without the spouse or the cat involved.





10 thoughts on “Solitude”

  1. LOVE! (not just like). I’m feeling the need for a couple of days of down time myself. Been an intense past 3 weeks..just got a call today from my workers comp insurance agent….they do a once a year audit of my payroll..and he said I owe them $3900 additional premiums from 2014. Now that is a big chunk of change, being my annual premium is usually $2800 total. It would be different if I were a larger construction company, but normally it’s just me and one guy..sometimes a second part time. Enjoy your down time. It sounds just what the Dr ordered for me too πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks DM, I plan to enjoy myself. Sorry that you were hit with that unexpected news 😦 Wow, that’s a lot to take in and make decisions on how to handle when you aren’t expecting it. I hope it all works out, and I give a resounding YES to a mini-vacation for you as well. Best to you.

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      1. In part because of your post, I decided to take the next 2 days off and head for the hills…no plans except to stock up on some coffee, and get away for a much needed break.

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