Going Hog Wild

After a long drive, one that should have taken under 2 hours to complete, but yesterday took roughly just under three, my vacation home-away-from-home looked great.

Alison was driving her car, coming for just the weekend, and we ran into bumper to bumper, stop and go lines of cars not even 15 minutes from home. That traffic lasted for over 1 1/2 hours, setting us behind, and setting our teeth (or at least mine) on edge. Apparently some of it was left over from an earlier accident and the rest is normal on that stretch of highway. If there was ever a visual that screams out for public transit, or tax dollars for improved road conditions, then we were sitting directly in the best advertisement ever.

This little cottage is cute, small and tidy, and holding a staircase that freaks me out to some degree as the treads are thick wood, so nicely strong, but open. The bed in this loft takes up most of the space, which means that I either toss myself over the bed to reach the opposite side, or buck up and walk way too closely to the railing, which is open as well. They have furnished the entire house with IKEA furnishings and IKEA modular kitchen components.

Did you notice the title of the post? In an ironic twist, this weekend just happens to be the annual Hog Wild Biker Fest. Bikers have taken over the convention center and most of the town. They were swarming the local IGA when Alison and I stopped for groceries. The bikers are fine. I am taking issue with the regular tourists, and the biker wanna-be’s. Bikers can drive. They have to be able to navigate the roads. Others however…after a few near misses with drivers blowing through signs or simply deciding that they own the road, Alison and I parked the car and walked to do some shopping.

We actually have a group staying next to us. Other than leaving just a short time ago with a full bottle (unopened) of what I think was tequila, we haven’t seen much of them. I guess that I was lucky to even get this place after seeing how many people are here this weekend. I think these little cottages are fairly new and not known so lucky me!

We did some beach walking this morning, had a ridiculously high priced, just average lunch of quiche and salad in a place that was charging $25 for a bottle of wine that I could buy at Walmart for $8, and Alison locked her bike to a tree, which was fine, until she couldn’t remember the combination and had to break the tree to get her bike free. What, you may ask…break the tree. Why yes, totally true. It was a young sapling that bent very well until the last minute and then, with a snap, released both the lock and the bike. She had a nice ride though, and fortunately that was before the crazies took over the roads so she made it back in one piece, although she almost took out a chipmunk who decided to play chicken with her and nearly lost the game.

Time to refill the wine glass, open the bean dip and make a cheese and fruit plate and listen to the music of the Harley engines as they cruise up and down the streets.

Oh, our biker neighbors just came home. Can you guess what was on their radio?


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