Doing Non-Beachy Things While At the Beach

The bikers are mostly gone, Alison is back to work, and today was my first day alone.

My day consisted of:

*Tossing frozen, uncooked eggs because my cottage refrigerator cannot make up it’s mind about what constitutes a moderate temperature setting. As of this writing I believe I have finally found the optimum set point, but we’ll see if my lettuce is frozen again before I go to bed.

*Visiting the one and only shop in town that I haven’t been to before. Alison and I passed it by accident last night after her farewell fish & chip dinner, but it was closed. Basically it’s a little flea market, but she noted the ‘Used Books’ sign in the window and was regretting that we hadn’t realized earlier that this little place was just around the corner from us. I gave it a go for her today, but the not so extensive book department held 60% religious tomes, a few cookbooks, some biographies, and tons of kids books.

*An early morning visit from the local wildlife, who stopped by yesterday for both Alison and I to enjoy.


The second fawn was hiding at this point, but just as cute. These cottages are surrounded by tall, thick forest and shrubs so it’s my best guest that this doe is raising her young somewhere in there. They seem to favor some of the greenery that surrounds the homes and really aren’t skittish at all.

*Putting some gas in my car, although I stopped at $10 for now as the towns one gas station monopoly allows for higher prices than I’m happy with.

*Fiddling around with some art. This is a color/black variation of the basic design called “4 Corners.”


*Creating a stir fry for dinner using baby yams, onion, broccoli, and red pepper purchased from an organic farm stand up the coast about 12 miles. I’ve passed this stand many times and never stopped before, which I now regret greatly after finding some of the nicest, freshest veggies being sold at amazingly low prices. The farmer/owner had some lovely corn, as you can see, and she shared some history of her home/farm and the area as well.



The dinner dishes are clean. The sun is headed into the ocean. The sea breezes are coming up so my patio door won’t be open much longer. I’ve had my dessert cookie. Perhaps I’ll attempt a bit more art, then a little TV before sleep.


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