Going Home

My last full day here. Tomorrow I head home to 90+ degree heat, constantly whirling fans and sweat. I suppose it’s also back to lots of ice pops and no cooking. I’m never very hungry when it’s that hot outside, so salad is my usual option.

I took a few walks yesterday, which then allowed my to stop by the local ice cream store for a scoop of Chai tea latte ice cream. I didn’t find it particularly warm here, but that cone was melting fast as I walked back to the cottage.

I went out this morning to pick up a little something for Miss G. I promised her a shell from the beach. Sadly, I can still remember when you could find shells ON the beach. Now you have to purchase them in little trinket shops that line the boulevard, and they aren’t shells you would typically find around this part of the coast anyway. This area is simply too commercialized, too public, to open to things like driving on the beach itself, to allow for hunting and finding treasure.

There is an odd cloud/fog bank rolling in with some chilly winds. If I wasn’t just a block from the water I would describe it as a hazy, dark wildfire-smoke looking mass. I can see that it’s pretty thick just north of here, yet the sun is still shining around me. I have recollections of the the 1980 John Carpenter horror movie The Fog running through my head.

I’ve enjoyed this little break, but as I lay in bed last night, listening to the ocean in the distance through my open window, I realized that it will be nice to get home. Being on vacation alone makes me think a lot about being alone in general. About choosing to be alone always. I don’t mind the alone-ness. I am not particularly lonely. However, I would be bored I think if I didn’t have a lot to keep me busy. I miss the little chores that need doing when you have your own home and the responsibilities associated. I miss the sound of other voices, even when they are mostly, typically 90% silent. I miss the familiarity of my environment.

I did a few more designs yesterday as well. Nothing that I’m overly crazy about, but I’ll share anyway.

This one has no point whatsoever, no meaning one way or the other. I recently opened a new, fat-tipped pen and decided to use it for the background areas, which made filling easier, but otherwise we’re looking at randomness here.


I started this one with the large sand-dollar looking design. I was going to stick with the idea of a ‘monotangle’ and add a bunch of little sand-dollar looking designs around this one, but then things took a turn and it all morphed into a quasi-underwater scene, with an out-of-proportion sand-dollar just sitting there. Oh well, let’s call it an homage to my vacation and leave it at that.



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