Breaking away

This place


has no more hold over me.

My social media days are done. I have deleted my account.

I am free.


13 thoughts on “Breaking away”

  1. If you should log on again in the future, I believe your profile will still exist. That was an issue that was brought up on the news years ago: that even though you “delete” it, it’s still there if you log back on, just the way you had left it.

    Good for you! I too have left FB and Twitter. Might tweet again in the future, though. More legit profiles on Twitter. The thing that bothered me the most on FB were the number of folks who liked to take pics of themselves half naked in front of their bathroom mirrors. Okay, so they lost weight or started working out. How come they can’t keep their shirts on and just wear sumthin’ nice? Instead of making my ack all over whatever I was eatin’ when I saw their pic?


  2. I’m jealous. I wish I had your strength of will. The closest I have come is to keep Facebook turned off so I don’t see alerts on my phone. I need an intervention.


  3. I volunteer as social media coordinator (a fancy schmancy name for someone who noodles around on Facebook once every hour or two) for four non-profit groups.

    There are days when I feel that I am imprisoned in a nuthouse and I want to run screaming to the hills.

    I envy you.

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  4. GAH I’m kind of jealous, but then again if I cut out facebook I would lose touch with 99% of my family/friends… for now, it’s a compromise I can live with, but man. It definitely is its own monster.

    Enjoy your lightness and freedom 🙂

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    1. It’s been interesting, this slow moving away over the last year…I came to really understand who I wanted to interact with, who wanted to really interact with me and just how often we actually do that. So little of what I did on FB was worth the time or energy.


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