Page addition…

I just spent the morning revising how I originally set up my ongoing blog share series. In the interest of this new, simple, concise format, the blog share has now become a list of blogs that I highly recommend.

You can find that list inside the little menu icon, or for now, here.

It will be an ongoing, perhaps changeable space, as we progress.

And because I can, and I have not for most of the last 36 weeks, I give you the final countdown on the road to granddaughter #2, due within the next 4 weeks.



6 thoughts on “Page addition…”

    1. Hope you find some sites interesting. Unfortunately, a few have really dropped off in their posting…something I personally am familiar with 😉
      I need to do the same thing…visit recommended sites from this list. I know that I’m missing some good ones.


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