I feel a strong need to confess. This has nothing to do with the papal visit. I am not Catholic. However, today I started down a path that I have never taken before. For years I have held my ground. I have resisted the strong desire to join in with an ever-growing rogue group that simply must disobey the rules of American versus British serial television.

The final season of Downton Abbey began in the UK yesterday. The final season of DA will begin in America on PBS on January 3. I always wait for the PBS debut…until this year.

As the beloved (?) former candidate and wacky ex-Alaska Governor Sarah P would note: I decided to ‘go rogue.’

For the past few years Alison has watched DA online, as in tapping into some of those non-sanctioned sites that just happen to post weekly videos after the fact. As this is the final season, and as I felt a need to do something completely out of character, I decided that it was my time to join in.

I want to know what happens to the Grantham clan and their downstairs staff now, not months from now. I welcome the tiny thrill that accompanies knowing how life progresses for the ladies and lords long before many in America tune in on January 3rd.

I want you all to know that I won’t reveal any outcomes, just in case you are DA fans…although I do enjoy pumpkin flavored desserts, dark roast coffees, a nice Malbec wine and Amazon gift cards…in the event that you would like to swap any or all of those for some insider information.


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