I’ve set a goal for myself because life is 90% sucky right now. I need to stop this awful spiral of anger and resentment that fills the better portion of each day. I must find something, even if it is the most minute, seemingly inconsequential thing, that makes me happy each day. Something that makes me smile or reminds me that even a little good is better than a whole lot of bad.

Today is Day 1, and I am going to try my damnedest to post at least one thing every single day for the rest of this month.  One thing that allows me to feel gratitude that I am alive. Join me if you like, in the comments.

October 1 2015

The morning fog lifted to reveal a clear blue sky and a warm early fall sun. I went to the garden and pulled and dug and cut. I even raised a sweat. I feel energized. I feel productive. I feel accomplished. I feel happy.


5 thoughts on “Gratitude”

  1. I am sorry for the suckiness. That really, well…SUCKS. ((((hugs))))

    My grateful for the day: Nathan has been taking his new pills like a trooper, and not spitting out more antibiotics onto my floor. Which is pretty infection-free, at the moment!

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    1. I will add my gratitude that Nathan seems to have rallied and that he seems to have realized that resistance to his meds is really futile because Mom is not willing to relent. Give Mr Nathan a pat for me 🙂

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      1. Will do! We had another trip to the vet Thursday (still trying to get his chronic pancreatitis stabilized), and just as we were going in, the handle on his traveling crate broke, dropping him several feet to the ground. The vet techs were super solicitous, fawned over him, found me a new box for getting him home — and all I kept thinking was, “THANK GODS it didn’t break just one use earlier!” Cuz that was the fire night. Poor Nath might have gone tumbling down a whole flight of stairs!!

        So my gratitude (and his): glad he only fell two feet! Woo!!

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  2. Reading this reminded me of something my wife told me this afternoon. She went w/ a friend this morning to a local indoor pool (then hot tub) for an hour. First time. Came home and said it energized her, made her happy and she wants to go back and incorporate it into her routine. I think both of you are on to something!

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    1. I always feel better mentally when I do something physical. You know I most likely pay for the exertion is some way or other, but this attitude is reminding me that it might be better to focus on the benefits rather than the negatives 😉
      Our options for swimming (which is great for arthritis) are extremely limited here unfortunately, but I’m glad your wife has found this activity enjoyable.

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