Gratitude Day 8

My gratitude today comes from the fact that I have healthcare. Pretty darn good healthcare in fact. I am also pretty darn pleased that so many local pharmacies offer immunizations. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a doc-in-the-box believer. I think you need to have a relationship with a care provider who KNOWS you so that both you and your provider can anticipate fully informed and responsible healthcare.

However, the convenience of stopping for a routine immunization while at the pharmacy anyway, or as the case went today, my flu shot, makes your trusted and long-term pharmacist a pretty good alternative. The icing on the cake is that flu shot was fully covered by my insurance.

Now I am truly ready to welcome the newest grandchild, so at just short of 39 weeks, she has no excuses to stay inside her mama any longer. That is a hint baby girl…


5 thoughts on “Gratitude Day 8”

  1. I, too, am grateful for health care. I haven’t selected a PCP since changing insurance in July, but I’m glad to know it’s out there. I do get a little nervous thinking about next July on, but … there are many months left to take care of that. 🙂


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