Gratitude Day 11

It’s taken a while to post today. I feel as if I hit a wall and was either about to repeat something that I’d written before, or that I wouldn’t be able to find anything, not the tiniest little thing, to be grateful for today.

I was wrong.

My list of gratitude today includes:

My daughter…who has been so willing to help me clean and move things around the house lately. I am trying so desperately not to mess up my neck in anticipation of my doula duties for the impending labor of grandchild #2. Most everything – from bending to lifting to pushing or pulling to even sitting on the wrong chair, seems to instantly cause pain and compression. She has been so helpful and I am so thankful.

Finding the right chair and putting it in the right place allowing me to use the computer without pain.

Vegetarian Times fall recipes. I love this time of year when they publish their holiday menus. So many great ideas, especially when you enjoy eating things like squash, and kale, and hearty stews.



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