Gratitude Day 13

Today, in an ironic twist, I was glad for a lunch time surprise.

I was at Miss G’s house today, like I am every Tuesday. Her mama left for work…still very much pregnant and just days from her due date.

We had been conversing by text message during the morning as she worked on changing/shortening her schedule for the week. She typically works 12 hour shifts, like most nurses, and was pleased to let me know that changes had been made so that she could work three 8 hour days.

Miss G and I were almost finished with lunch when we heard the garage door opening. I assumed it was Miss G’s daddy, who sometimes comes home early.

To my surprise it was the pregnant mama! And just for a moment I was ready to be extremely excited, hoping that her appearance meant labor had begun.

Alas, no. As I beamed at her, anticipating the announcement that either her water had broken or that she was having steady contractions, she began to laugh and asked if I had read her last text.

“Well no. I heard my phone but we were down here and I didn’t want to go upstairs to get it.”

“Not in labor unfortunately” she said. “Someone literally set their lunch on fire in the break room, which is right next to us at Urgent Care and the alarms went off. It was a big enough fire that we actually had to pull out the extinguisher, evacuate the building, and were told by the Fire Department that they needed some time to try to clear the building of smoke…so here I am.”

She had to return to work after lunch, but I think Miss G was glad to have a lunch surprise from her mama.

I, on the other hand, while grateful that the fire was minor, sure wish that I was posting about a baby right now.


3 thoughts on “Gratitude Day 13”

    1. I know, and the only thing I think we are all thinking about is that with her first she was just 2 days shy of 42 wks before labor finally started. We cannot have a repeat of that 😉

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      1. I worked until I was 41 weeks with my second one, praying each day that I would not deliver because the locum could not come to cover my practice until then. By golly we made it, but dang if it wasn’t miserable!

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