Gratitude Day 15

Stumbled upon gratitude may be the sweetest feeling yet.

After months of trying to come to terms with the fact that a medical insurance change last year would necessitate changing my PCP, and after months of debating with myself over locations, providers, genders, and medical focus, and after putting off a mammogram because the last one was ordered by the PCP that I had to leave, today can only be described as a red letter day, and gratitude is abundant.

I just sat down to force myself to finally decide on a new PCP. In a few months I will be due for an annual check, and I have a long-standing RX that will need to be re-evaluated along with new orders for refills if the prescription is still necessary. Basically, I had to finally admit that I couldn’t put this change off any longer.

I accessed the provider/clinic finder site associated with our insurance coverage. I typed in my needs and prepared to see the same set of names/clinic locations that had appeared every time I have checked over this last year.

But wait.

Were my eyes deceiving me?

Was wishful thinking playing some sort of cruel joke?

My longstanding clinic, with multiple locations, was suddenly on the list. My preferred location was on the list.

My provider was on the list.

Excitement started to build, but I was skeptical.

Then I saw it.

Under my old/current providers name and address, with a little * was the note:

“New provider added January 2016”

Coincidentally January 2016 is just about the time that I would need to be making my next appointment, and now I will be making that appointment, with my regular provider, and doing a little happy dance as well.


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