Gratitude Day 18

Nope, no big baby news.

But, I do have gratitude that a mama’s amazing body knows when the time is/will be right. Working as a doula for years has taught me never to question the mysteries associated with the typical perfection that occurs between female and fetal hormones, or the way circumstances come together to take those early changes in both mom and baby and transform them into sound, progressive contractions.

Being a mom of three, I can well relate to the overwhelming desire to get labor going, to be not-pregnant anymore, to welcome another child, to experience the power of birth, yet I also have to temper that strong need with the knowledge that all the work of pre-labor, all the work of changing tissues and practice contractions comes with a purpose.

All those subtle changes are doing amazing things to/for both mom and baby. Those changes are working changes, positive changes. The real work will begin soon enough.


2 thoughts on “Gratitude Day 18”

  1. We are also on the home stretch with a new grandchild..(I was informed today, daughter # 3’s due date is 8 days out) Your theme of gratitude has come to mind several times the past week. Just talking to someone today about how to deal with a thinking problem..when something is worrying you, and it feels like there is a “loop” (like a tape_ that keeps replaying the same worrisome thoughts..they told me rather than try to just stop trying to think about it, replace it with thanksgiving…I really do think you are onto something as you practice this art of thankfulness.


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