Gratitude Day 22

Do you ever notice how, just out of the blue, little events will seem to connect? Carl Jung called it synchronicity. I would simply say irony.

My gratitude today is focused still on the events surrounding birth. My gratitude today is directed at all the women around the world -past, present, and future – who find a calling to give of themselves to care for women during pregnancy and birth. My gratitude today goes specifically toward Terah, Kate, and Brittany, three women who have been called to be midwives and serve women/families who desire a more holistic, perhaps even spiritual, birth experience.

The irony here is that the post from Nursing Clio today, written by Cassie Roth, focuses on Cesarean birth. More specifically it is full of facts on Cesarean rates that are skyrocketing in Brazil, a country according to Roth, that seems to be following the medical model of birth so prevalent in the United States.

I absolutely agree with Roth, there is a time and place for the life saving Cesarean surgery. Medical advances have been instrumental in saving both moms and babies lives. I cringe though, when I read of Cesarean rates that have reached over 50% in public hospitals, 88% in private facilities in Brazil. The World Health Organization (WHO) sets an acceptable Cesarean rate at 12-15%. I am outraged that Brazilian women, who early in pregnancy anticipate and want non-medicalized births, end up being ‘talked into’ procedures and interventions by professional clinicians. The use of technological advances seems to clearly mean little to no choice, passivity, and managed birth, according to the studies that Roth remarks on. I am frightened that this trend, based on models of medical management found in the United States heralds a greater increase in surgical rates here. The US Cesarean rate sits at 32.2% (2014). The use of advanced technology, managed care, and non-necessary medical interventions has, in part, pushed this rate to that ridiculous level.

How long will it be before Cesarean birth rates reach 50% or greater here?

Midwives; highly trained professionals who care for and attend women in birth centers or at home without unnecessary intervention, are essential in keeping the Cesarean rate from growing.


Love to hear from you!

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