Pondering the future

I have no words about Paris, because nothing can be said that adds any sort of sanity or safety or understanding to yet another act of violence and terror. I can only question and contemplate what our world will be twenty years from now when my two granddaughters are adults. I have to believe that their world will be better, because if I don’t my heart breaks and moving through life seems senseless. 

I mentioned attending a baby shower for a past co-worker in a recent post. I met with her and her husband yesterday. We planned to talk some about labor and choices and realities. None of us knew what was happening on the other side of the world while we were talking. I can’t help but wonder if they are questioning just what their son’s world will be like in the future after learning what had happened while we spoke of babies, and life, and parenting, and hope and joy. They are the couple that already questioned so much about becoming parents, that even when the positive sign appeared on the pregnancy test were still unsure. I wonder what they are thinking today. Do they worry more today than they already worried. Has Paris created more fear for a couple that is struggling to adjust to the loss of control that labor and birth and parenting brings. Will future attacks, because we know that there will be more, make them question their decision.

I wonder if I would question having a child if I was young again and looking to the future…the child’s future. I wanted to be a mother deeply. I could not imagine not being a mother. Would I have the courage now to bring a child into a world of such profound hurt and pain. Could I, perhaps selfishly, present a child into a society that cares so little about others lives and worth. 

What would you choose, and how would you decide, with the knowledge that once more our reality has been altered by violence?


4 thoughts on “Pondering the future”

  1. Chris said last night, “what is the world going to be like when the girls are older?” and I told him I am hopefully optimistic that they will be a part of the generation that changes the world into a better place than it is now. I have faith that there are enough people out there that are more full of love than hatred and that things will be better for them than it is for us now. Like you said, I think we have to have hope, and do all we can now to make things better for them (and us! ).


  2. I share your sadness.

    I believe violence has marred humankind’s existence from the get-go, so that the change isn’t that there’s more of it so much as that we’re more aware of it thanks to news and networks. From my childhood, I believe there’s good in life despite present and potential violence.

    If I’d understood where we were with climate change–a newer truth becomingly increasingly alarming in impacts–I’m just not as sure.


    1. You’re right of course, all the bad is very much more present in our lives now thanks to the technology we have created, but it has been there all along. And violence is only one aspect as you note…we have created so much harm, a lot likely unintentional in the early stages, but harm nonetheless.

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