Confessions of a Citrus Snob

I love orange juice.

Oranges however, are not high on my list of favorite fruits.

All the peeling and squirting of juice into eyes and/or open cuts. All the white pith that won’t let go no matter how hard you try to get it off.

Not to mention those oranges that look so very juicy…until you bite into a few sections and find them to be desiccated and sporting membranes so tough that it feels like chewing on a rubber band.

I am hugely fond however, of mandarin oranges that make an appearance around the holiday season each year.

Not just any old tiny, thin skinned, seedless variety though. Some folks swear by their Cuties clementines. Others like their Halos. In fact, you’ve probably seen the commercial featuring the kids who will do just about anything to get and keep their Halos.

I will only be happy with BeeSweet Satsuma Mandarins. I have tried the others and they just don’t cut it when it comes to easy peeling, juiciness, thin membranes, and a flavor that is slightly sweet-tart.

Cuties do not peel all that easily, no matter what their boxes say. I have never had a Cutie or a Halo that had delicate membranes, just those thick, chewy ones like bigger oranges.

When I’m desperate for my seasonal orange fix, I have on occasion purchased both of the inferior brands and been so very disappointed from the first attempt at peeling. They just aren’t for me, and after this last round I have finally come to admit that I am a Satsuma snob and will simply forego little orange heaven if I can’t find the Bee Sweet brand. They are only in stores a short time, just a few months, but my loyalty is strong and my dislike of the other brands of mandarins is even stronger.

From this point forward it will be Bee Sweet, or it will be nothing.




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