Deflated Mammary Glands

Today was my mammogram appointment. I’ve missed the last few years or so, and now that I have this insurance thing figured out, I thought that it was time to actually use the referral given to me last spring by my former, now once more accepted PCP.

I’m not one to be bothered by standing in a room, flashing my boobs for the technician to see and feel. It is awkward though, figuring out just how to get up close and personal with the machine without actually climbing onto the machine, especially when you are being asked to

-raise your arm

-bend your elbow

-lower your shoulders

-hold your other breast back with the flat of your hand

-keep the other arm to your side, and don’t forget to lower your shoulder

-put your chest forward

-stick your butt out a bit

-relax your shoulders ( I heard that one a lot )

-hold still

-hold your breath

-and breathe

All the while watching the gown falling to the floor around you.

I do enjoy seeing the images pop up on the screen, even though I’m much more proficient at reading a dental x-ray. I didn’t see any wayward teeth in my mammogram, thank god.

I always try to remind the techs that I have this scar on my left breast. It’s about 31 years old, and most likely no one cares anymore, but after my very first mammogram years ago, and being called back for a re-evaluation when someone didn’t get the memo that it was there, I don’t take any chances.

I had mastitis when I was nursing my first daughter. One of the milk glands was so infected that it had to be incised and drained. Now I just look like I was stabbed at some point and the only reminder is the 1 1/2 inch, whitish-silver scar on my breast. The last time I had this procedure they used two small metallic arrows to delineate each end of the scar so the radiologist could double check the tissues underneath. This time around I had a tiny, ultra-thin wire taped to the length of the scar. It was pretty funny to see what looked like a stray needle stuck inside my chest when the x-ray popped up on the screen.

I hope the radiologist takes the time to read the notes the technician sent along with the images. I’m not clever enough to come up with a plausible story as to why I’m might be walking around with with a wire in my boob, especially one that is unattached to anything.



3 thoughts on “Deflated Mammary Glands”

  1. Had my first one a little while ago due to a little scare that turned out to be nothing. Health insurance paid me $50 to have it done. Some sort of preventive medical incentive. Health insurance is quite strange. Haven’t quite fit a full grasp of it.

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