Calling all women…

A while back I shared in this post the start of a blog authored by someone pretty well known to me.

As the new year dawned today, she has taken an active stance, hoping to collect pregnancy, birth and postpartum stories for a blog series. She has a little giveaway going on, but despite that opportunity, I want to personally ask any and all of you who have journeyed through a pregnancy or childbirth experience to consider sharing your stories with her. Perhaps you have journeyed down a path that doesn’t include motherhood and would be willing to share about that as well.

Perhaps you have blogged about your experiences already. Consider sharing one or more of those posts for her site. She will give you full credit of course, and link to your blog as well if you like, because that’s what bloggers do, we take care of our own.

To my male blogging friends, you will not be forgotten. In the future you will have the opportunity to share as well, but for now this project is about giving voice to women and making connections among women.

Every story is important, so please pass this link on by sharing freely on your blog and among your readers/followers.





Love to hear from you!

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