Notes on returning to grandma work

Two full days under my belt being back with the girls. Yesterday was odd. I felt almost as if I was relearning the entire process of caring for a little girl and an infant. Of course the general stuff came without thought, it was just coordinating the two that needed some fine tuning. Plus the dog was having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that she wasn’t going to get as much attention from me as she was used to either.

I came home feeling guilty.

The baby was fine. As long as you feed her regularly, change her diaper and, I discovered, swaddle her tightly for her naps, she is fine. It was Miss G that I felt sorry for. She was so helpful, but somehow each and every time she thought we had a few moments to play, Miss C would decide that she needed food, a diaper, or sleep. After a while I felt like a broken record. “I have to __________ your sister right now so we will play soon.”

Today was better. Miss C would guzzle down her bottle and decide a nap was imperative fairly quickly. She slept for a long time too. Growth spurt maybe? Anyway, that gave Miss G and I more time together today. I even managed to do a load of Miss G’s laundry and wash bottles after lunch. I felt like I remembered how to actually take care of two kids at once. Also, a big plus, the dog got some needed laser toy time. She was thrilled.

I know that we’ll have good days and some not so good days, but today renewed my hope that we will figure out this new normal.


2 thoughts on “Notes on returning to grandma work”

    1. I figure all I can do is keep stressing the positives, keep acknowledging that life will get easier, and keep telling Miss G how proud I am of her. Those tending times do get less and less and then one day you realize that they really can manage mostly on their own. Happy dance time – mixed with curious regret that they have grown so fast. In my case, by then I will most likely be needing my own full-time caregiver as my stamina gets less each year.

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