Have I mentioned this before…

Did I bother to mention that my work weeks are now, and for the foreseeable future, going to be shorter? If I already posted on this, excuse me, but I don’t want to go back and look. If I haven’t told you, then all the better.

My son-in-law works for a well known company that rhymes with Wintendo. This is also the new dad to Miss C. His time off after her birth was nicely arranged so that he could work four days per week and have every Friday off. In what I believe to be an unheard of positive move on the part of his company, and because he has so much leave still available, the Wintendo counterpart is allowing him to continue his Friday leave days until…October!

Finding this option was a real option caused a little happy dance to happen with my feet. So I have my girls Tuesday and Wednesday, and on occasion some half day Thursday’s. Great for dad. Great for their finances. Great for grandma.

Have I also ever mentioned that organization is a true stress reliever for me? I can tolerate dust. I can tolerate a little dirt. I have a hard time tolerating disorganized anything. So today, on my first Friday off, I grabbed the OCD-compulsively organized-labels must face the same direction and items really should be organized by type and size- younger daughter and we tore through the kitchen. We tossed, we shuffled, we consolidated, we re-bagged and labeled.

The reason for this hinges on the fact that I really do hate my kitchen. I don’t even remember why I thought I liked it when we looked at this house 23 years ago. Now, I only know that I hate it and would gut it if I could. Cupboards go to the ceiling and only the two lower shelves are accessible to me unless I buy food that is no more than 4 inches tall and cram all of the shelves into one 18 inch space. It has two really weird corner cupboards that aren’t good for much of anything but pots and pans, and even getting to them is a hassle. One upper double cupboard is ridiculously placed perpendicular to my sink/dishwasher L-shaped counter and thus only accessible if I sit on the counter, twist my body into a pretzel and dislocate my shoulder attempting to reach anything placed there. I’m going out on a limb and stating that I believe a male contractor designed this kitchen.

I do have a pantry, which has, or continues to hold odds and ends. There used to be things like the spouse’s diet food, Tupperware, the cat food, emergency candles and batteries and phone chargers, shopping bags, old glassware and serving platters, and the extension cord/useless cable cord plastic tub.

Now the diet food has gone to one of those useless corner cupboards, along with miscellaneous BBQ crap. The glassware is waiting to be donated. My paper towel, napkin, and plastic bag/saran wrap/foil collection is organized and ready. Small appliances are neat and tidy on their own shelf. The cat food and emergency paraphernalia stayed because someone would be lost if those got moved. So it’s still an odds and ends place, but I don’t mind looking at what’s in there now.

The other cupboards have been cleaned, re-organized or re-purposed and every single one is not forcing us to be dependent on using that inaccessible top shelf any more. Except for my wine. My wine has a place of honor on a top shelf, sort of but not really hidden. There is a story there, but I think I’ll leave that for another post. We even tackled a few shelves in the refrigerator. That just adds to my happiness.

It was an amazingly productive day and so very satisfying, although I would still like about 40K to gut and redo the entire room, I’ll settle for our work today.

Anytime now I’ll hear the garage door opening. Then I get to give my spouse the tour of all the new locations for his stuff. He doesn’t have the enthusiasm for change or organization like I do. I doubt that he will be impressed.



7 thoughts on “Have I mentioned this before…”

    1. I second and third the YAY! I have to do a semi-annual change/toss/major clean out/overhaul or I literally get anxious and stressed. I am not a ‘person’ at all and most especially when all the ‘stuff’ is in disarray.

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    1. I know right 😉 He’s on the logistics end and they have slow times of the year, so perhaps his division can be more flexible than corporate headquarters. It would be interesting though to know overall how females take their leave and how much they get.

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