ABC, all about ME!

Grandmalin posted a few days ago with a fun little ABC challenge. I get a lot of ideas from her posts for this blog and they are usually something that allows me to be mildly amusing (?), often silly, and definitely not as opinionated as what you might find in a typical post here. I don’t feel so bad this time around, as she notes that she stole  borrowed the idea from a post that borrowed the idea from someone else…that borrowed the idea…

So sit back, see if you can remember the correct order of that quaint kids ABC song and be entranced as you have the opportunity to learn a little more about me.

A. Age: 56 – Since I come from hearty farm stock I figure I have a good 40 years left, almost another entire lifetime.

B. Biggest fear: Heights, and falling from those heights, and anything associated with height, like flying or bridges, or even standing on ladders past the second rung.

C. Current time: 6:17 PM

D. Drink I last had: Wine, which I am drinking now as I write this so who knows what I may put down here.

E. Easiest person to talk to: Outside of family – two very lovely women who I used to work with a few years ago and a very special blogger friend. I feel as if I can tell them anything. Apparently I cannot count as I just listed 3 people–wine folks, remember the wine.

F. Favorite song: Anything on the mix CD my daughter made for me a few years ago – all from the 1970’s. Also “We’ve Only Just Begun” by the Carpenters, because I can kid myself into believing that I can sing and that I sound just like Karen.

G.Grossest memory: My phlegm patient hacking up thick mucous and waiting for me to suction it for him. When I worked in general dentistry I had a wonderful patient who was dealing with throat cancer. He had issues with thick mucous and would cough and hack up gobs of it during treatment then turn to me so that I could use my high-volume suction to clear his mouth. I can still hear him and the mucous in the suction. This is the only thing that has ever made me gag. I’m gagging now.

H. Hometown: Puyallup Washington. We are a suburb lying equidistant between Seattle and the capitol of the state, Olympia.

I. In love with: I don’t have an answer for that one, other than to say – hearing myself talk.

J. Jealous of: People who can eat sugary treats without NEEDING to eat sugary treats.

K. Killed someone? Not yet, but sometimes I wonder…

L. Longest relationship: My marriage.

M. Middle name: Sue.

N. Number of siblings: Three, all half-siblings and all much older than me.

O. One wish: Courage to do what I know I need to do.

P. Last person you called: My oldest daughter…?? I rarely call anyone. I am a text or email sort of gal.

Q. Question you are always asked: What? The older granddaughter has this habit of asking “what?” all the time. I fall for it too, then turn the tables on her and she gets frustrated with me. It becomes a teaching moment.

R. Reason to smile: The granddaughter I just mentioned, and of course, her little sister.

S. Song you last sang: “Highway to Hell” by AC DC

T. Time you woke up: Today, about 4:30, but I didn’t get up until 5:45

U. Underwear color: At this very moment its a deep purple, but I have the variety pack so I get a new color every day.

V. Vacation destination: If I could bring myself to fly, I would love to go to Europe. Sadly, with that little flying issue I have, I doubt that I’ll get there. Perhaps I should request my ashes be scattered somewhere over the English countryside or in my homeland of Denmark.

W. Worst habit: Picking at things. I am a picker and can’t leave the odd blemish, dry patch of skin or even weird freckle alone.

X. X-rays you’ve had: Teeth, neck, hands, breasts, and maybe more that I’ve forgotten.

Y. Your favorite food: Bacon. Oh, that’s right, I’m a vegetarian. So I guess I should say asparagus instead.

Z. Zodiac sign: Virgo. A good portion of this profile is extremely accurate. 


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