Themes and colors and choices

I would love some feedback if anyone is inclined. I picked this theme when I changed up the blog the last time because it is clean and streamlined. It took me a while to get used to the barrenness of this no-sidebar look without blog lists, archives, other pages, and the like. I figured that most of you who have been around WordPress would know that the little menu icon would get you to those other places.

I am cheap, I admit it, and have not switched over to any sort of pay-for-service plan offered by WordPress. I just don’t need it. So, this free theme is one that doesn’t allow for a lot of customization. I basically get two default color schemes with the ability to pick hues and concentrations of those two choices. The choices: blue or pink.

Isn’t that ironic when you have a blogger who takes such issue with stereotypical signs of gender, such as assigned male or female colors… 

Anyway, you the reader have been enjoying the blue default color palette since I switched over months ago. I have experimented with darkening the background color a bit from the stark white, but (and one of the reasons I am asking for opinions) is that my highlighted, links then seem to get lost and blend into the slightly colored background. Although that could easily be my eyesight failing as well..

Last night I played and today I switched over to the pink default color. Now the links are highlighted in a deep hue and the background is what I would refer to as dusty rose.

Honestly I prefer the blues but I wonder if anyone had a difficult time seeing the highlighted links when I was using that blue color scheme? I think the contrast is pretty obvious now, but I also want something that is easy on the eyes and readable.

Here’s yesterday’s post linked so you can see what I mean.

Anyone want to weigh in with an opinion?



8 thoughts on “Themes and colors and choices”

  1. I know it’s not the most considered or eloquent opinion, but it looks good to me. Links are clearly delineated by their color. It’s also somehow calming in conjunction with that forest image. Take that for what you will since I can’t remember what it looked like before. :p


    1. Thanks Deb. It was pretty nondescript before actually, and I really do wonder if it was more my eyes having issues than anything. I just don’t want to drive anyone crazy trying to read posts. It will likely stay like this for now.

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