More Power

Second post today, I know…sorry, but I encountered a piece of technology today that really works and that I was impressed with. That’s saying a lot for me.

I was prepping food for tonight’s dinner, and tomorrow as well, right around 12:30. Just as my gravy was beginning to thicken nicely for the vegetarian Shepherds Pie tonight – pfft – no power. We aren’t stormy here so I figured it either had to be a car into a pole or something was going on maintenance wise at a sub-station.

The last time our power went out I discovered that our power provider had added a nifty app where you could report outages and even see just how big the outage was. Since the power was out, that meant the wifi was out as well, so after waiting an inordinate length of time for my carriers wifi to find itself on my phone, and actually decide it was going to stay connected (we have the worst coverage in the world here) I signed in to our account, reported my outage and up popped the map showing that I was definitely not alone. Over 2700 were without power by the report and we were all contained in a bright red ‘outage area’ map. This nifty little app gives you the time the power went out, an estimate of return time, status reports and even a cause, if the crews have been able to figure that part out. It even told me that I got my power back before some folks to the east who are still sitting in the red.

I really hope you aren’t laughing hysterically at this post. I’m sure most of you that routinely use apps on your phone find this all silly. I seriously do not have apps running on my phone. I use my phone to talk, text, and maybe email if I have to send something and I’m away from my computer. So when I do put one on the phone, and it works well, that’s a big deal to me.

Alright, back to your day. I have a dinner to finish.


4 thoughts on “More Power”

    1. Yes, it is. If only the picture I took on my phone of the red map would load onto my computer. Aargh!! I really wanted to add it with the post. Just when I figure one thing out I get stumped by something else 😉

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  1. sweet/ you are way ahead of me. I still use a regular cell phone, (I call it my ”
    Fred Flinstone phone”) never used an app in my life and the reception where I live is not great. I’ve done “face time” twice in my life on other people’s electronics. I do not like it. I am a Settler

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    1. Haha! I love that commercial! I was sort of forced into the upgrade from a regular phone…they just didn’t offer anything but a basic android model, or the more elaborate ones that I refused to get, when I needed to get a new phone. I have deleted so much crap that came with the phone because it was useless and draining my battery. That was empowering too 😉

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