Up for grabs…

Remember, in a few posts back, my mention of a spur of the moment, part-time job application I filled out. It was for that job I had about 3 years ago doing hearing screenings on newborns. I talked to the coordinator earlier today. Her needs and my availability likely won’t mesh for this position unfortunately.

She was very nice, but was really looking for someone to handle two days during the week. One of her employees is pregnant and I think she is running up against the fact that this person may not return, as well as trying to find someone to cover vacations if possible. I wanted weekends, so unless she thought I was just an amazing person during our phone conversation, and can convince her current employees to shift their own schedules to accommodate moi, I doubt that this will go forward.

She was very nice to speak with, and also leads the program at a large medical center to the north, near Seattle. That center, like the one I left a few years ago, houses a Level III NICU which means they likely also have an incredibly busy OB department and deliver lots of babies. We chatted for a bit and I shared that I had worked the second shift during my time with the company. She chuckled a bit at that and mentioned that the hospital she is recruiting for only has one shift per day, and that their average is about 8 babies needing screenings on that shift. Then it was my turn to laugh. Eight babies was the average for my previous 4-hour long second shift. What a luxury to have more time, as well as not have the NICU babies as well.

So, we ended our conversation on a pleasant note with my assurance that I was still interested if her needs changed. I have to admit that the slower pace and the proximity to my home was exciting, but I take the viewpoint that things work out in the way that they should.

My complaint about this company is that they don’t specify exactly what days/hours they are looking for in their ads. It would sure be easier for everyone if they did so I think that I will sit on things for a bit, then perhaps consider another application for one of the positions where I was located before.


2 thoughts on “Up for grabs…”

    1. I KNOW, but I also know having worked this position before that it can vary a lot between locations and I suspect that they don’t want to take the time, nor have the resources to be so specific as they post positions on a USA wide website.

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