I walked out onto my porch just a bit ago, around 6:30 (AM), to grab the newspaper. It’s still dark here. As I turned to go back inside this caught my eye…


I admit that it’s a crappy picture. I was hanging over the porch, trying not to fall into the rose bushes which you can’t see in this picture, nor did I want to tumble head first into the wall of the house, which is the brilliant white area, reflected in my flash, taking up the upper left corner. Do you see them…all those green spikes of varied size clustered together?

I believe it is January 30th, isn’t that correct?

My tulips are blooming.

These things start appearing earlier every year, but come on…January! A few of them are up at least 6 inches, although the perspective in the picture isn’t great for showing that. I can’t believe I missed seeing this happening Thursday when I went to the mailbox, or even Friday when I hauled garbage cans out and in.

We had one day, Wednesday I think, when temps hit 60 degrees. Totally out of place right, because you all know that I live in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle. I assume that was enough to trigger spring inside these bulbs.

Maybe next year I can have festive Christmas tulips. Weird, just weird.


2 thoughts on “This…”

    1. But remember, we still can deny climate change if we close our eyes long enough. I’m willing to admit that it was okay not to have more than a small episode of snow here this winter, but we drown in inches of rain one day and wear shorts because it’s over 60 degrees the next. This is May weather for us, so I agree: CRAZY 🙂

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