We all make choices everyday. If we are true to ourselves, we follow what is in our hearts, we listen to that gut feeling, and we silence the outside voices that try to persuade, or tempt, or apply values that are wrong for us as individuals.

When we know what’s right for us, the hardest journey might often be to follow the path that seems so clear, but such a puzzle to others. It may seem easier to allow oneself to be caught up and led, joining the herd of doe-eyed sheep wandering through life marching from place to place as gates open and close before us, and behind us.

There are the unique individuals however, those who know who and what they are, what they believe and stand for, and what they want from life. They go forward with conviction. They speak their truth simply and bravely and without apology.

I am proud to know and love one of those individuals.

Read about her here.


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